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State wise Lockdown 2.0 relaxation rules

The country has been in a complete lockdown with all industries shut since March 25. But the Prime Minister, while declaring the second phase of lockdown, has said that some curbs would be lifted in areas where either no cases were reported or spread is low, to revive economic activity.

From Monday, viz, 20 April 2020, some restrictions would be lifted and work would start in such areas.
See what the Governments have decided about relaxation:


Out of its 14 districts, four are in the red zone and 8 are in the orange zone. Red zones would be in lockdown and some restrictions would be lifted in orange zones. While some public transport would be allowed in green zones. They also will be implementing the odd-even rule to allow traffic.

The Government allowed farming, food processing units, construction, road construction and traditional sectors like handloom, coir, and beedi to work, without excessive crowding.

The state also allowed the opening of hotels and restaurants in 10 districts.


This state has the highest number of cases with its heavy population. This state has decided upon opening industries in 20 out of 36 districts with minimal risks. Industries that are ready to take care of the employee’s food, stay and transportation are permitted to operate from today. Also, several small scale industries, shops, eateries would be exempted from the lockdown, given that they follow necessary sanitization and safety precautions.


The national capital has been one of the few worst-hit places of the country, with as many as 78 containment zones. So, the CM, Arvind Kejriwal declared that there would be no relaxation in the rules. The police and other local services are ensuring doorstep delivery of essential items.

Uttar Pradesh

Contradictorily, the decision on relaxation in this state was left to the district magistrates depending on the situation in each district. But the districts have decided to stay shut till May 3.

However, the Public Works Department has been allowed to resume construction activities. The toll tax would also be collected now.


This state has determined to follow a strict lockdown till May 3. The only exception is for farmers in wheat procurement and other farming activities.


The CM has decided to extend the extended lockdown for 3 more days, i.e., up to May 7.


The state has extended the lockdown up to April 21. After conducting a meeting, they’ll decide upon the extension up to May 3. They declared to look into the issue of lifting some norms to facilitate some sections of society.


The state has decided to lift curbs such that some industries which are not in red zones would function. 3 types of passes would be issued:
Red pass- for workers supplying essential goods.
Green pass- for some industries and businesses.
Blue pass- for construction workers.

This is in the case of some of the sates on the lifting of norms.

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