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Submarines Are Likely Kept Unaware Of The Coronavirus Spread Says French Navy.

The French Navy informally called “La Royale” is the maritime arm I’d the French Armed Forces. Dating back to 1624, the French Navy is one of the world’s oldest naval forces. It has participated in conflicts around the globe and played a key part in establishing the French colonial empire.

The French Navy consists of six main branches and various services which are the Force d’Action Navale, the Forced Sous-marines (FOST,ESNA), French Naval Aviation, the Fusiliers Marins, (including Commandos Marine), the Marins Pompiers, and the Maritime Gendarmerie.

As at 2014, the French Navy had employed a total of 36,776 personnel along with 2,800 civilians. It’s reserve element consists of 4,827 personnel of the Operational Reserve. As a blue-water Navy, it operates a wide range of fighting vessels, which includes the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle,various aeronaval forces, attack submarines and ballistic missle submarines,frigates, patrol boats and support ships.

The first true French Royal Navy was established in 1624 by Cardinal Richelieu, cuieef minister to King Louis XIII. During the French revolution, la Marine Royale was formally renamed la Marine Nationale. Under the first French empire and the second French empire, the baby was designated bas the Imperial French Navy. Institutionally, however, the Navy had never lost ust short familiar nickname, la Royale.

The symbol of the French Navy was since it’s origin a golden anchor, which, beginning in 1830, was interlaced by a sailing rope. This symbol was featured on all naval vessels, arms and uniforms. Although anchor symbols are still used on uniforms, a new naval logo was introduced in 1990. Authorized by Naval Chief of Staff Bernard Louzeau, the modern design incorportes the tricolour by flanking the bow section of a white warship with two ascending and blue spray foams, and the inscription “Marine Nationale”.

Deployments on a submarine can vary in langth,depending on the type of submarine. On a ballistic missle submarine,two full crews rotate shifts to allow the vessels to remain at sea as often as possible. Each crew may serve for about 60 to 80days before resurfacing and rotating out. This schedule is established for a three year submarine assignment, allowing sailors and their families to plan their lives around the deployments.

Crews serving on fast attacks have more erratic mission assignments. A surveillance mission may last a few weeks or six months. Today, sailors can use e-mail ( with some restrictions) , but in time past, sailors weren’t allowed to communicate with the outside world while aboard their submarine.

A new submariner is called without affection, a “puke” by the other sailors. Qualified sailors know the boat inside out and have already become certified submarines, a process known as earning one’s dolphins. This isignia is a badge of responsibility, brotherhood and honour. While a sailor who has already earned his dolphins may choose to relax or read in his off time, a new submarine must constantly study the ship’s systems and pass a test on each one. Although a torpedo man or administrative officer won’t need to know how to operate the nuclear reactor or the navigational systems, both will be trained to understand the systems, their safeguardsband emergency procedures.

Some service members may be completely unaware that thousands have died, many countries have shit their borders and businesses have closdd during the coronavirus pandemic.

Those who serve on nuclear submarines in the depth of the world’s oceans might not hear about the extraordinary situation until they emerge after months of isolation under waters. It was said to that what goes on above the surface is of no concern to submarines who must completely focus on their military duties.

France’s entire country was locked down on March 17,band citizens are given orders not to leave their homes. The French government bwill not say whether any submarines left harbor prior to the shutdown. French submarines missions typically last from 60 to 70 days,with crews of more than 100 on board.

“No matter how serious an event is,there is nothing a submariner can do about it, and since he cannot do anything, it’s better he knows nothing”.

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