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Supreme court orders Covid-19 tests must be free of cost in Government, private labs


In India, only few peoples are affected by Covid-19 compares to other countries. It was the greatest advantage to India. It is only because of the food and medical services in India. Though India is a developing country and it has only minimum amount of medical services, It’s in less danger. The number is increasing day by day, which thread the country. In order to control the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi had announced the national wide lockdown. Though there are lockdown to control Covid-19, they are the increase in case every day.

There was the financial crises due to Covid-19, Though the country is lacking to support the global economy, the supreme court orders the both government and private labs to make free of cost for Covid-19 test. Due to lockdown the individual is trying hard to support the family. In this situation they were many facility made by the government.

“Steps taken by the government”

They are many steps to support the global economic lockdown:
1) Free medical test
Covid-19 has large impact in world, so the prime minister made national wide lockdown. Financially the people are facing the loss and their are struggling to go to Hospitals for check-up. In order to overcome this crises, The supreme court orders the both government and private labs to do free medical check-up.

2) Civil service and consumer protection department
Government of Tamil Nadu, Civil service and consumer protection department had decided to provide the Household products free of cost. Already the cost of product is very low for one who holds the family card. But due to lockdown, it had became free. The people thanked the government for making them comfortable in this lockdown.

3) Cooking gas – free of cost
Petrol and diesel rate is reduced due to Covid-19 lockdown. But LPG consumption remains the same, Their is lot of crisis in finance. so, the people had a free to book cooking gas for consumption. Their is the enough stock in cooking gas announced by Singh. Peoples need not worry about the booking of Gas as there is enough to overcome the lockdown. Covid-19 breaks a peace of world and The people is suffering the lot due this pandemic disease. Every thing is in control and their have maximum number of stock to support the lockdown. He concluded by, the individual need not worry about the booking. Now it had been made cost free.

“The supreme court order”

Recently, the number of Covid-19 attack is been increasing day by day. In India it had been crossed second stage. Lockdown had been also lead to control the spread of Coronavirus. Even though it is eventually increasing.
so, the national wide lockdown had been extended which affects many people financially. So, to provide the support to the people many free ideas are launched by the government of India and in National wide. The people must also have the awareness against Covid-19.

“Expansion of medical services”

Due to Covid-19 India is facing financial crises which refers as the refers as each citizen in India is facing the financial crises. Many schools and colleges had been converted as medical care centres to treat Covid-19 patients and as research centre. Their is no medicine for thi pandemic disease, many doctors had undergone the research to fight against the bio war. Because of this many schools and colleges are converted into medical centres, research areas and shelter for migrant workers. when the school are converted into care centres it will entire affects the Indi who are living there. This makes the native people to move to other places and that becomes another crisis. so, Government made entirely lockdown to cities and towns .


It will be very difficult to overcome the financial loss. Economic slowdown is large in china, Spain and France, In next case, is India where it shown a value. The government given more effects to control the spread of Coronavirus. It must be made use by the people and have to follow the rules and stay at home. Only the individual are responsible of the spread of the disease.

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