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The lawyer sends notice to Akhtar, threatens a ‘defamation case’ for remark on RSS.

A city-based lawyer on Wednesday sent a legal notice to lyricist Javed Akhtar for allegedly making “false and defamatory” remarks against the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in an interview to a news channel, and sought an apology from him over it. The lawyer, Santosh Dubey, also said he would file a criminal case seeking damages of Rs 100 crore from Akhtar if he fails to tender an “unconditional written apology” and withdraw all his statements within seven days from receipt of the notice.

The lawyer sends notice to Akhtar, threatens a 'defamation case' for remark on RSS.

Akhtar in a recent interview drew parallels between the Taliban and Hindu extremists. The lawyer’s notice claimed that by making such statements, Akhtar has committed an offence under Indian Penal Code Sections 499 (defamation) and 500 (punishment for defamation). Advocate and RSS worker Dhrutiman Joshi has approached Kurla magistrate court with a case to initiate criminal defamation against Javed Akhtar.

According to Joshi, on September 4, he saw a news programme where Javed Akhtar drew parallels between Taliban and Hindu organisations to “vilify and defame all the organisations working for the Hindu cause.” In his complaint, Joshi stated that Javed Akhtar claimed that “RSS has become cancer that has spread in society.” He added that Javed Akhtar’s statements were well-planned and thought, calculated to defame the RSS and to discourage, disparage and misguide people who have joined or would want to join the RSS. Joshi added that he was humiliated and defamed in the eyes of the common public.

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