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THESE actresses own the COSTLIEST bags in B-town!

B-town actresses are known for their luxurious living and lifestyle. Small day-to-day items such as bags are also status symbols for them. An expensive bag is not an accessory but an investment. Here are some Bollywood celebs that own the costliest bags.

THESE actresses own the COSTLIEST bags in B-town!

1] Alia Bhatt- Alia Bhatt’s red side-pack bag from Karl Lagerfeld’s last collection is a bag to admire. The Chanel number, which brought two sling bags together through a joint costs Rs 5 lakh.

2] Deepika Padukone- Her collection of bags is one to look upon. Her most expensive piece is the Celine Phantom tote bag in black croc leather costing about Rs 2.5 lakh.

3] Priyanka Chopra- Priyanka Chopra can be seen with her fabulous bag collections. Her bag collections are unique and must-see. Among her collection, the most lavish bag is Tod’s Sella yellow bag, which costs around Rs 4 lakh.

4] Anushka Sharma- She is someone who loves classics over styles. She owns a limited edition Dior tote design that costs over Rs 2.5 lakh.

5] Kareena Kapoor Khan- She is seen carrying many luxurious bags. Out of all, her Hermes designs cost around Rs 8 lakh.

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