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Top 10 Best Tech Youtubers In India 2020

In the time of a forthcoming Industrial Revolution 4.0 which will take us into another realm of technological process with technology like Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Quantum Computing, 3D Printing etc. There are creators which are making very accessible content enriched with all and every kind of knowledge one needs to know about this growing industry. Since a smartphone is as essential as a toothbrush today, and internet as necessary as the toothpaste, more and more free-floating information is available on social media forums like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. The level of sophistication of content right from info to presentation has increased manifolds making the digital space the new adda.

Nowadays, there are 1000’s of Tech Youtube Channels in India that uploads videos related to Gadgets and Reviews. So, Here is the list of Top 10 Best Tech Youtubers In India.



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Technical Guruji, whose real name is Gaurav Chaudhary. Is a very popular Indian Youtube Personality. He lives in Dubai (UAE). He is famous for producing videos related to technology i.e. Mobile phones, Gadgets etc.

Technical Guruji was born on 7 May 1991 in Ajmer, Rajasthan. He completed his schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya School, Ajmer. He was very good in studies from his childhood. Along with this, he was very curious about knowing about technology and gadgets. He completed his bachelor’s degree (b.Tech) in Electronics stream from Rajasthan Technical University. He was the topper from his batch. Then he moved to Dubai to pursue a Master’s degree in Microelectronics from Birla Institute of Technology and Science. He was awarded a gold medal. After his graduation, he received a certification to work with Dubai Police in their security systems.

He was inspired by a youtube channel named “Sharmaji Technical” which was a tech review channel in the Hindi language.
One day while casual YouTube watching he came across a youtube channel named “Sharmaji Technical” which was a tech review channel in the Hindi language. Then he got inspired to launch a youtube channel for reviews and technical knowledge in the Hindi language. Then he met Mr Praval Sharma who was the founder of Sharmaji Technical channel. Then Gaurav Chaudhary uploaded some videos in his channel and after this new records were set for Sharmaji Technical channel.

After this, he decided to launch his own youtube channel. Besides his work, Gaurav Chaudhary launched his youtube channel “Technical Guruji” in October 2015. He started by posting product reviews and product advice. After the rapid growth in Technical Guruji channel, he started another YouTube channel “Gaurav Chaudhary” which was related to his personal life content, blogging etc. His Technical Guruji channel continue to grow rapidly and was ranked 9th in most subscribed Tech YouTube channels. Technical Guruji is the worlds biggest tech-related channel. And talking about his second channel it is India’s biggest vlogging channel.

Total subscribers count for the Technical Guruji channel are 18.6 million and total no. of videos posted are 3.2k as in August 2020. His most viewed video on the channel is “My YouTube earning Revealed!!! How much money I make from YouTube?“, which has around 14 million views. It was posted in 2017.

And his most liked video on the channel is “Cleaning My Phones @CarryMinati” which has around 2 million likes. It was posted in 2020.

His channel has more than 15 videos with around 8 million views. Technical Guruji channel has more than 2 billion views as in August 2020.

Other than that talking about his second channel “Gaurav Chaudhary” total subscribers of this channel are 3.81 million and total no of videos posted are 122 as in August 2020. His most viewed video on this channel is “Emirates $22,000 first-class seat- costliest flight ever” which has around 13 million views. It was posted in 2018.

His most liked video on this channel is “7,93,900 Rs iPhone 11 shopping in Delhi for you” which has around 542k likes. It was posted in 2019.

This channel has around 15+ videos with more than 3.4 million views. Gaurav Chaudhary has more than 177 million views in total as in August 2020.

With this in today’s time, Technical Guruji is one of the fastest-growing youtube channels. All he got today is just because of dedicated hard work and consistency. It is the only way by which he has achieved his growth.

Gaurav has always tried to create helpful videos that give the right information to people with his videos everyone can learn new things. Other than that his way of speaking is very simple and attractive. He is very clear with his points always.
He uploads videos very timely and keeps people updated. He uploads at least 2 videos every day on his channel. Majority of his viewers are from India due to the use of Hindi language other than that his audience is also from countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal.

He also has his own official Android app “Technical Guruji” to provide his subscribers extra support and information. He uses a very user-friendly system in his application. You can see the videos he uploads directly from the app. And also you can ask questions.

Technical Guruji is one of the very known names known by the most Tech viewers and Tech YouTubers. Gaurav Chaudhary produces most of his videos from Dubai every day. He is very honest and loyal to his fans and subscribers. He always prefers to provide his subscribers latest and trending content to his subscribers this is the reason why he is so popular and loved by people.

Social Media Profiles of Technical Guruji

YOUTUBE PROFILE: Technical Guruji
TWITTER PROFILE: @TechnicalGuruji
INSTAGRAM PROFILE: @technicalguruji
FACEBOOK PROFILE: Technical Guruji


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Trakin Tech is one of the most leading YouTubers in India amongst the Tech Group. It is a Youtube Channel where the founder of the group creates content which can be useful for the youth and about the technology.
Mr Arun Prabhudesai, the founder of the Armoks group runs the company and also his YouTube channel which is now amongst the top and gets over 10 million views and gets 150,000 subscribers a month.

Mr Arun Prabhudesai was born and raised in Pune, India. He is now currently living in the East Coast. He has always been very smart in the studies and loved working with a Computer and from childhood, he knew that he was going to try in this field itself.

After completing his school, he went for the Computer Science in Diy Patil College to gather further information for the field he was curious about and wanted to work within.

He has always been a gadget freak and loved working on a computer. In back 1996, he worked in the internet services, after the few years, he left from the company got an opportunity to be the operations manager of Webtech Developers Pvt Ltd, where he worked and dealt with the projects in the USA and the United Kingdom, he also got the offer from the private company and worked in the USA. He always wanted to come back to India and do something here. So he thought of having a startup. After handling the multi-million dollar company, he co-founded two companies; The Hover Technologies and in-text advertising company. In the year 2011, the company was acquired by the digital platform. The second company was My open campus which was founded in the year 2011 which made collaborating and learning with a college easy and safe.

Then, he founded the company: Armoks Interactive Lab. The company is a Tech, web and mobile consulting associated. The company or the blog started in back, 1st May 2007. He started this blog to have a track of the readers and wanted to be in the touch of the Indian tech updates and latest business buzz. He has been in the industry for a decade and also is very passionate about the business trends, startups, policies, stock market and all this he also mentions in his blog where he spends 12-14 hours a day on his computer, where 8 hours is the full time and the time left he uses to write blogs or reading different books.

In the year 2011, he founded his own YouTube channel, where he posted all about the tech and the updates. But in late 2017-2018, the actual videos and updates were recorded, where he decided to make vlogs, videos, Unboxing about the latest technology and made a huge buzz in the technology industry where the videos started to go viral. In June 2018, he celebrated 700,000 subscribers and within the 90 days, he achieved 1 million subscribers. In the year April 2019, he crossed 2 million subscribers on his channel and shared interesting facts about the channel, and in the next 6 months, it reached the milestone of 3 million subscribers. And currently, it’s now at the 5.41 million subscribers with 1.9k videos where he posts 2/3 videos daily. He is the most experienced YouTuber in the tech industry. And also in the top 2 of the list in India. The video count of Trakin Tech is 1942 to be exact. The net worth of the Youtuber is approx $196k – $1.18M. The most liked video would be the one where is posted the video in the year 2017.

The following like is of his most viewed youtube video where he got more than 3 million views and 78k likes.
He is amongst the top tech YouTubers India has and he owns a company, he is an entrepreneur, he makes apps, he blogs, he is a digital content creator, also helps to the interns or the freshers for making their own startups. A piece of advice from him; “If you are making a startup, don’t do it because others are doing it, do it because you have such amazing content to share it with your audience and be consistent in it.”

Social Media Profiles of Trakin Tech



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Ranjit Kumar also is known as ‘GeekyRanjit’ is a tech expert who has millions of subscribers on Youtube and is one of the Top 10 Best Tech Youtubers in India. He one of the go-to experts when it comes to choosing a smartphone or any new gadgets for yourself. Through his videos, he explained how technology can make our lives easier.

Ranjit Kumar is born in 1976 in Hyderabad, India. From his childhood, he was very passionate about technology and gadgets from smartphones to LEDs. When he was 12, he realised that his interest and passion lies in technology and computers. He nurtured his passion in his teens. During this time, there were not many people who had computers so he used to go to his cousins and try his hand on every applications, program and even tried making games.

It took 2-3 years for him to make it big after starting his YouTube channel. Now, he is a 44 years old married man with a daughter. He is a programmer, web developer, gadget reviewer and entrepreneur who is leading and earning more than a simple life. He likes travelling and watching science-related videos.

He has completed his graduation with B.com Honours and fully devoted himself to computers and coding. He uses to work for almost 17-18 hours of daily learning and doing the coding. He finally managed to give his B.com exams.
After his graduation, he pursued a Diploma course in programming from Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), Maharashtra. After completing his studies and before starting his YouTube channel, he first worked as freelancer IT advisor and also started his own website.

Geeky Ranjit is a self-made tech geek who established himself in the YouTube community with a lot of struggle. He is an example for young people who wanted to do something on their own in life.

As a Website Developer
He worked as a freelance IT advisor. He followed his passion and love for programming and started developing applications for his US-based clients. He developed largest humor portal in India, ‘Funtoosh’ which became very popular.

As a Gadget Reviewer
Ranjit knew all the aspects of the latest gadgets and technology projects. His opinions were unbiased and reliable and his friends would seek his suggestion before buying any gadget even before he started his own YouTube channel. He has a great in-depth knowledge of gadgets and technology.
With his growing credibility, he created a site ‘Tech2buzz’ in 2007 where he could post honest reviews about the recent gadgets launched in the market. The idea was successful but soon after people started copying his content which made him move towards YouTube.

As an Entrepreneur
He launched his YouTube channel when there was no monetisation feature on it. But his love and passion for technology made him start Geeky Ranjit as his official YouTube Channel. His first ever review was of ASUS router which unfortunately did not receive much of public attention because of which he approached companies for sponsorship but didn’t receive much response there either. He still worked hard and used his entrepreneurial skills and chose to invest in his own channel. His strategy was to buy gadgets and products from his own money, use them and then post their review about it on his channel.

Soon his audience base expanded with his honest and unbiased reviews and he soon started earning from his YouTube channel. Though he also resold his products that he purchased for reviews but for three years he was just earning with not much enough profit. But after all this hard work and consistency, his subscribers started multiplying. Now, he has almost 3.07 million subscribers.

He started his YouTube channel on 6 January 2011. His in-depth reviews and telling the pros and cons of the latest gadget are his main USP. He speaks in English which is totally understandable by a layman. His channel is the First English Tech channel to cross over 1 million subscribers. Today, he has 3.07 million subscribers. He started live Q&A sessions and also launched his own page trailer about his channel.

During his first year, he barely got any views on his video with just 1600 subscribers. But he did not lose hope rather he continued and uploaded 6 videos every week. From 2014, things started to change and he had over 800 to 900 subscribers per month. He used to spend over 10-14 hours per day with his videos and constantly engaged with his followers. Even now he conducts live Q&A sessions every Saturday at 7 pm. Recently, he also started reviewing cars as well. Till now, he has uploaded almost 2,845 or more videos with the highest views of 3 million on ‘Samsung Galaxy J8 Unboxing’. Most of his viewers are young, tech-loving professionals and college students who are looking for gadgets. After the success of his English Tech YouTube channel, he started another Hindi Tech YouTube channel which is for viewers who like to keep it desi.

Social Media Profiles of GeekyRanjit

TWITTER PROFILE: @geekyranjit
INSTAGRAM PROFILE: @geekyranjitofficial


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Shlok Srivastava, The trending Tech YouTuber is known as Tech Burner was born on the 3rd of December in the year 1995. He completed his schooling in Ahlcon Public school and then He completed his B.Tech in SRM Institute of Science and Technology College in Delhi.

Like a lot of successful people who faced struggles during their initial stages, Tech Burner also faced his part of the struggle in his YouTube career. At his initial stages, Shlok Srivastava’s account got deleted and was shut down a lot of times as he was uploading videos related to hacking but he did not stop there, he got back up to start his new channel called ‘Tech Burner’ on 24th of September in the year 2014 and then he started to upload tech related videos.

At the start, it wasn’t a hit for him but he still chose to do it for fun and later his videos started to go viral and his channel finally reached 10 thousand subscribers on 2nd of April in the year 2017.

Shlok Srivastava then uploaded a video on how to build a computer with just 4000 Rs which was a drastic hit to his channel. People started sharing the links of his video and his video was almost all over the internet.

It is all about making people accepting your work which might take a little time but continuous efforts to do so will definitely lead anybody to success. Tech burner’s page at the initial stage was not a success but his continuous efforts to make people accept his work now led to him to the success part, he hit 3.78 million subscribers on his channel which made him a leading light. Everybody wants to be successful, everybody dreams of being a megastar but, that nobody who works for his dream becomes somebody just like Shlok Srivastava.when we search for top ten tech YouTubers, Tech Burner is shown at the top because he did not stop with just dreaming of starting a YouTube channel and being a star but worked for his attainment.

He also started another channel with his original name Shlok Srivastava on 23rd June in the year 2014 but he uploaded his first video on his second channel only on 7th of March in the year 2016.
He used this account to upload various other videos apart from videos related to tech and so his first video was a short film called ‘The Edit’. The viewers for this short film were 49463.

He uploaded only 15 videos from 7th of March 2016 to 27th of June 2020 and this second channel called Shlok Srivastava has 258 thousand subscribers right now. The most viewed video on Shlok Srivastava channel was “Reacting to OLD TechBurner!” video. This video has 883190 views.

People face a lot of negativity when they want to achieve something in a particular field. Tech Burner by taking YouTube as his career option, he faced a lot of discouragement. He could have dropped the idea of taking this platform as his career but he faced the negativity around him like a pro and also accomplished in his YouTube career. success is never an accident, it is all about hard work, perseverance and the most important thing for success is the love you have for your work.

Tech Burner uploaded a total of 590 videos in his channel from 24th September 2014 to 25th of august 2020.

One of the famous video of Tech Burner

Tech Burner is one of the supreme self-determining individuals who love to explore tech a lot. He also loves sharing his knowledge to his YouTube audience and various other people who use social media. Tech Burner also uses a unique strategy to cover his audience like instead of taking a serious path; he chose a funny way to convey his message. He reached this level of success not just because he had knowledge about tech but also because he knew how to achieve his target audience through his magnetic speech. People had opinions about fun and tech, they had an opinion that they don’t get along but YouTubers like Tech burner made changes in people’s negative opinion. Anything and Everything will fall under negativity until we try to make a change by proving it.

Social Media Profiles of Tech Burner

TWITTER PROFILE: @tech_burner


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One such upcoming and promising YouTube Creator is Bharat Nagpal with his tech channel iGyaan with over 10 Lakh subscribers and more than 19 crore views in total and English as the language medium. He is an expert of technology who specialises in Web design Layout and Product enhancement. Bharat has an MBA degree with his hands in many plates by also being an Apple engineer and a Microsoft product partner.

He published the digital magazine iGyaan in June 2010 on YouTube and since then not only has he maintained consistency on the channel but also has made an official website of iGyaan and AutoGyaan.

iGyaan has 1900 videos to its credit which range from unboxing videos to products reviews and new age smart technology and devices of companies like Samsung, MI, Dyson, Apple and more. This helps out both the Budget buyers and the Indulgent high-end collectors and even full-on gamers a great deal with their product confusions, conundrums and requirements. Along with this they also have their own merchandise collection including mugs, hoodies, t-shirts and cushions too.

One of his many segments “Top Tech” is the most popular one which recommends good quality products within a price limit, as an example is his most viewed video with 17 lakh viewsTop Headphones for under Rs.800” where he puts together a couple of personally selected headphones which give good performance within the price range, such content gives the viewers a wide range of options without burning a hole in their pockets.

The channel delivers many more such interesting and genuine content which has a huge role in building the viewers trust and likeability for the channel. One more such segment is “AutoGyaan” where they take test drives of cars from regulars to luxury and analyse each and every aspect of it like speed, power, design, the worth of the price, control and comfort etc. This with all its aesthetic glory created by the high definition cameras and amazing editing not only provide useful information and review of the machines to the potential buyers but also pleases the tech junkies a who are just there for some good old adrenaline-boosting entertainment.

The Smart/Cool tech playlist of the channel brings together out of the box products which are precisely more advanced and feature-packed premium versions of regular products one of which is the Dyson Absolute Pro Vacuum cleaner which comes at a whopping 50,000 bucks. It’s quite unlikely you’ll want to buy that.

By the way, did you know TikTok might just have a chance of coming back to it’s meatiest market- India! They say that Microsoft might just acquire all the shares and rights of TikTok making it an American company which would bring us back our beloved. And by they I mean iGyaan. Yes, this channel not only gives you honest opinions but also reliable ongoing news and whereabouts of the most trending topics on the globe. With the latest updates on technology and the reasoning behind iGyaan brings justice to its tagline of “We Explain Tech” because they surely do.

Check out iGyaan’s most viewed video

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The founder of C4ETECH is Ashwin Ganesh. He is one of the Top 10 Best Tech Youtubers in India. He was born on 11 September 1987, He completed His schooling in Madhurai and join for graduation in SRM engineering college At the middle of graduation his parents were separated because of various issues so it made him drop out of graduation, Then he got a job at BPO, He worked at BPO around 7 years because of his health issue he quit the job, He was very passionate about gadgets and technologies so he started to share about technology with his friends.

One day he got an idea of sharing his idea and content to everyone. so, he made a video and uploaded it on the youtube and then he decided to continue with it. The content in his videos was about a wide array of smartphones, and Android products reviews, unboxings, discussions including his android tip series. He started a youtube channel on March 20, 2007. Now, this channel has 349.8 million views and 1.7 million subscribers. The best example to follow your passion.

Why he named his channel as C4ETECH? He faced many difficulties in personal as well as professional life. Many times his life kicked him back when he was about to succeed so, He believed that he was cursed, As his birthday indicates 9/11 which is an odd one. Then when he came up with an idea of uploading videos about technology many people started encouraging his work, Which gave him the motivation to do more videos and made available to us to solve our issues. His life has taught him everything as he believed that he was Cursed 4(for) Eva(ever) so he decided not to forget about the lesson that was taught by his life. So, he named his channel as C4ETECH and this was the story behind the very popular youtube channel C4ETECH.

His struggle gave us a lesson that We should never get depressed when you fail to learn from what life has taught you. Life is the best teacher to teach your lessons.so, Grab the lesson and lead a very happy and joyful life.

One of the Famous Video of C4ETech

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Techno Ruhez – a self-made tech guru in this generation when technology is overpowering the human society. The decade in which human is mostly dependent on technical gadgets like androids, pc, tablet, laptop etc. People tend to buy anything and everything without proper knowledge. They don’t see the pro’s and con’s and that is the only plus point of the tech market. But this disadvantage which turned as an advantage for the companies was not justice to the common people.

This was felt by Ruhez Amrelia a B.A graduate working in a small company in Mumbai. He left his job and started his career as a YouTuber, he uploaded his first video on 2nd Feb 2015 and is now a YouTuber with 2.54 million subscribers and an over 3 thousand million views. He comes under the Top 10 Best Tech Youtubers of India as well as Tech Gurus. Ruhez Amrelia also known as Techno Ruhez was born on 8th January 1990 in Mumbai. He was an Indo-Muslim who is the youngest among the three brothers.

He completed his schooling in Mumbai and also did his B.A from Mumbai. He is a family man with a wife and cute little girl child. After completing his graduation he worked in a small company but was not satisfied with it. He always thought that something was missing. It was as if he wasn’t made for this. He was very much confused and disappointed, in conflict and dilemma he left his job.

During those days he used to watch youtube videos of GeekyRanjit he was very much curious and also interested in him Which made him experiment himself as a YouTuber.

He started his career as a YouTuber on 2nd Feb 2015. For his first video, he received appreciation and also very much love from the audience which made him motivated to make more videos. So, he made a lot of videos and uploaded one video per day and soon he started to earn money through youtube.

But luck doesn’t always follow and hard work doesn’t always pay off. Due to some issues, Ruhez lost his money in AdSense which was nearly 99$. But still, he didn’t get demotivated and kept on making videos and uploading it and soon he got many sponsors for his channel and also he got his money back from Adsense. As they say after a long rain comes to the brightest sun. Same was for Ruhez.

The patience he kept and the hard work he did finally paid him off. And now in 2020, he is one of the top 10 tech gurus with more than 2million subscriber and over 13 million views on his channel. He also has another channel called Ruhez Amrelia which his vlog channel where he posts some fun tech videos. With all the ups and downs in his life ruhez however, managed to overcome everything on his own. And made a big platform not only for him but also for many other people who want to make their career as a Youtuber.

He has more than 2,600 videos on his channel and more than 3 Thousand million views and counting. He not only makes video on tech but also he shows us the fun side of technology which makes him and his channel different from other he has always brought out of the box topic and his works have always been commendable and informative. His recent video named “How to create a channel” crossed 13 million views making it the highest views of all.

In his life, he has taught us one thing and that is to have patience and work hard and rest the result will be yours no matter how much late but the result will be yours.

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A becoming and effective YouTuber, Tech Maker, proprietor of the channel TechBar, Mr. Sanchit Shokeen. He is essentially from Delhi and has finished his tutoring in Delhi itself. He has constantly moved in the direction of his substance and premium and has given us the best recordings with respect to new developing innovation and have most likely earned the trust of his watchers by making recordings worth viewing. His recordings are truly something we call Content.

Discussing his initial life is a bit troublesome yet observing his recordings we can figure he may be one of that well-known understudy who is contemplative however somewhat famous. He finished his Secondary training from Gitarattan Jindal Public School, Delhi in 2012. Afterwards, for higher auxiliary, he settled on Science. He finished is Higher Secondary from Kulachi Hansraj Model School, Delhi in 2014. He was clear about his advantage so he sought after Bachelor of Technology (B Tech-software engineering) for his graduation from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. He began his graduation from 2014 and finished in 2018. How could he figure out how to examine these years? Showing restraint for a long time to finish a graduate degree? Damn, I as of now worship him now.

In the middle of his instruction life, he had just begun his Youtube Channel. He posted his first video on first May 2012 about Photoshop instructional exercise How to make an arrangement. After this first video, he straightforwardly posted the second video following 5 years on 21st January 2017 about the survey on iPhone 7 Dark Black.

It has been 2 years and 8 months since he began his vocation as Tech maker at TechBar. At present, he has 1.79M supporters on youtube. He has made 449 recordings till now. His youtube bio says, “I have faith in quality just as genuineness, need to meet the desire and accept of my crowd. I will likely make the experience of getting legitimate surveys on any innovation to the following level. I make audits of any gadget or innovation not simply by pursuing the news and tuning in to the bits of gossip, I for one experience every single innovation and afterwards give my perspectives on it.”What else individuals need nowadays?

Genuine surveys on electronic items since they do look at before purchasing any item. Furthermore, above all the entirety of his recordings are in Hindi. These days, there is in no way like rich individuals have cell phones and poor don’t. Everybody out there is utilizing cell phones and they do require somebody to disclose to them which telephone or which gadget should they purchase and these recordings are doubtless of help for everybody of us.

He has accomplished his 1.79M subscribers in only 14 months. Like genuinely?? Can you all envision the measure of difficult work and devotion towards his recordings and substance? He gets a normal of 70K endorsers every month. He is without a doubt going exponentially and as yet depending on numbers.

Practically the entirety of his recordings is extraordinary however when I adhered to his procedure the video I enjoyed it, How sanitizer damaged my iPhone 11 Master Max. During this pandemic, a large number of us are sterilizing our mobile phones and this video is ideal for individuals like us. Another great video is Why iPhone’s iOS is better than android?, you all realize we do think about are apple and android telephones and we regularly bother our companions well aside from those pleasant parts we truly make some hard memories picking among iOS and Android. This is a genuinely necessary video to assist us with our disarray and for a superior determination.

He doesn’t confine his recordings and substance to cell phones yet he has made numerous recordings on numerous different devices like shrewd watches, i-pads, earphones, buds, and so forth. In one of his recordings for example Best of 2019, he has offered grants to various contraptions and the best devices of the year. His studio visit video was stunning that shows his difficult work and commitment towards accomplishing of what he has longed for.

Social Media Profiles of TechBar

TWITTER PROFILE: @ShokeenSanchit
INSTAGRAM PROFILE: @shokeensanchit


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Sharmaji Technical is a very familiar name in YouTube, a Hindi tech and gadget channel started by Praval Sharma in the year 2015. His main purpose to start this channel in Hindi was to reach out to huge number of people so that they could understand anything related to technology like what’s new in the market, reviews of the gadgets etc. With currently having 1.7 million subscribers, he is also considered as the first professional Hindi Tech Youtuber.

Praval Sharma was born on 21 May 1977, in Jaipur, Rajasthan and currently, he is staying in New Delhi. His nickname, when he was a child was Pali.

After completing his graduation in B. Tech from Marudhar Engineering College Bikaner, Rajasthan, he started his career as an Application Specialist in Ericsson India Private Limited, Jaipur. He worked there for 2 years (2007-2009) approximately and left this job to move into Redtray Limited and worked there as an Application Support Engineer till December. After that on December 20, he joined Automation Company ABB which is a leading digital technology industry and worked there as a team leader until February 3, 2016. He had already started his channel while doing his old job, but after 8-9 months he felt that he should give more time to YouTube.

So, He finally started his YouTube Channel in the year 2015 with the name of Sharmaji Technical. He once said in one of his interviews that the reason why he started this channel in Hindi is because of the majority of India’s population speaks this language and if you are creating content then make it helpful for the people of your country. He used to watch a lot of videos on YouTube and thought them to be only meant for songs and movies but when he saw other’s videos, he got to know that YouTube is a huge platform where you’re gaining and sharing new knowledge and after viewing a lot of videos on technological stuff and later researching them, he finally made up his mind to create videos on YouTube.

Being on YouTube would mean you need to have something unique to present to the viewers, and Sharmaji believed that to make yourself visible on a platform like this, it’s important to work in your own way which no one is doing. Even if others are doing the same thing, create your own style. And there were a lot of tech channels before, but all weren’t in 100% Hindi.
Also, he was being covered by news channels on his reports on Jio vs airtel networks. At some time, he had collaborated with Technical Guruji, another YouTube Channel by Gaurav Chaudhary but the collaboration failed due to some reason (Sharmaji has explained it in a video).

Topics covered by Sharmaji are about the new gadgets in the market, reviewing them, unboxing everything, gadgets comparison ( smartphones, laptops, TV, earphones ), new technologies(Amazon, Jio), Technical Gadgets (camera, gimble, tripod, camera etc.), tech news, YouTube live (Q & A), non- technical stuff ( tours, about Diwali, daughter’s birthday etc.) and many more. There are over 3178 videos he has created so far and still more to come.

Given below is the link to his most viewed video on YouTube which is about Redmi Note 3 Glass Test on March 17,2016.

He has another channel named Sharmaji Infinity where he shares contents related to non-technical stuff like vlogs, stories of mythology and history, travel vlogs, movie reviews etc. Along with all the YouTube channels, he runs blogs of the same names.

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Top 10 Best Tech youtubers in India, Top 10 Tech Youtubers In India 2020, Tech Youtubers In India 2020, Tech Youtubers, Technical Guruji, GeekyRanjit, Technical Sagar, C4ETECH, IGYAAN, Sharmaji Technical. Tech Burner, TechBar, Techno Ruhez, Trakin Tech, Best Tech Youtubers, Gaurav Chaudhary, Tech, Gadgets and Reviews

A Delhi based ethical hacker, Abhishek Sagar has his own Youtube channels named Technical Sagar and Sagar Ki Vani. Abhishek formatted a 14 day Quick Hacking Course for beginners. In his channel Technical Sagar, one can find videos and information related to Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking along with WordPress, blogging. With over 912,742 followers, his channel has 54 million+ views and also has videos on tech-based facts.

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