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Twitter launches a new emoji for the users to express gratitude amid covid 19

Since March 15 there have been over 250 million tweets of people expressing gratitude among the whole huge network to give a positive environment during the hard times, twitter has launched a new emoji that is visible with hashtags of thankyou
and other synonyms of the word or on the microblogging sites .the emoji workes with a different language.

The company shared that since March 15 there has been a 26% increase in the gratitude tweets which is higher than in February.

The microblogging site tweeted, “who do we see the people expressing that gratitude for? The most common word is everyone. Everyone who is an essential worker.everyone who has reached out. Everyone. To give you other ways for showing gratitude we have created an emoji that appears when you use # thankful or other synonyms of the word # gratitude in a different language.”

A token of appreciation was sent out by twitter for the healthcare workers on world health day by tweeting the emoji of ‘clap’


It was last month that the ministry of health and welfare provided twitter seva to give quick resolutions to the people for their health problem and queries amid the pandemic of covid 19. The move was aimed totally at e-governance delivery in a
the short amount of time and keeping it transparent with the people and have effective communication with the people.

By tweeting to @covidindiaseva, people can get their queries answered in a short time.

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