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UK Wants China To Be Sued For Allegedly Covering Up Covid-19 Initially

Think Tank are research institute that performs research and advocacy concerning topics such as political strategy.

UK- based think-tank wants China to be sued for covering up Corona virus at the early stage. Reports say that under the rules of International law China should be sued. China could be sued for $6.5 trillion concerning Corona virus damages. The Henry Jackson society is the society insisting on sueing. Reports claimed that the Chinese failed to report information to the World Health Organization and by branch of Article six and seven of the International Health Regulation, the Corona virus was able to spread outside Wuhan. Action could take place in Hong Kong courts, World Trade Organization and International court of Justice. Think tank suggests Canada could claim £47.9bn, US £9.33bn and Australia £29.9bn.

China are to be sued for failure to share data which has evidence of human to human transmission, encourages the sale of animals that can host the virus, provided the World Health Organization with wrong information concerning the number of infections, permitted about five million people to leave Wuhan before imposing a lockdown. Reports say that Chin failed to report the disease throughout December and January and conclude that this act was deliberate. This beach of law has killed businesses, thousands of innocent lives and the global economy.

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