University Grant Commission Issued a notice stating that Researchers will be guilty of self- plagiarism if they used their own published works in new researches

There was a new notice issued by the apex body that regulates all the higher education
institutes said that self plagiarism will not be made acceptable in any of the new research
works. if someone issued their own academic content without proper citation that will be
considered to be plagiarism according to the University Grant commission.

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Reproducing one or others previously posted work and claiming it to be newly edited without proper citations and acknowledgment will be considered text recycling and not acceptable according to the notice that was issued by UGC head Rajneesh Jain.

In the year 2018 University Grant commission issued the promotion of academic integrity
and prevention of plagiarism in higher education institute regulations which is an effort to
stop self-plagiarism.

The notice of the University Grant Commission is another example 3that has been used to stop the violation of academic integrity and curb its piracy.
According to the regulatory body self-plagiarism of text recycling can be in the form of
uploading previously cited content without or due to citation of the paper or research or even publishing a smaller part of work from any previously published works just to showcase more numbers of published papers done or communicated from other paper will not be accepted.

The notice prohibited the researchers from using the smallest part of previously published work and posting it as completely new to be able to do so, the researchers must be submitting full citations of their works said the UGC further adding that their self-citation will not be added in their citation index in global academia.

The UGC has directed the authorities of higher education institutes that are involved in
academic performance evaluation and assessment to be on the outlook of self-plagiarism
while deciding promotions, selections, and allotments of credits and award of research

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