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UP CM Yogi sets up a panel to look for ways to resume the economic activities in the state

UP C.M Sir Yogi took a step to get revive from the crisis. So he made a committee to make a roadmap to prevent the economical crisis during lockdown. The committee sees the way to get remedy from this.
The committee will be headed by additional Chief Secretary (Finance).
The panel, which also has the Principal Secretary (Agriculture) and Principal Secretary (Food and Logistics) as its members, has been tasked with preparing a plan for procurement of wheat and potatoes.

Another committee set up under the leadership of the Principal Secretary (Panchayati raj and rural development) will ensure sanitation in rural and urban areas. That’s very much important for stop corona virus spreading.
That meeting will give a good result to crisis control due to lockdown. That’s a very good step and planning to reduce the crisis.
The chief minister reviewed the process of home delivery of needed thing of people more accurate that they shouldn’t to step out from the house.
He told his administration to lock this people who had just entered from the state border & and he managed those people to lodging and fooding during this lockdown of this state.

He told police strictly that not allow the people to gather. To break the chain of corona virus. So the police takes the case strictly. So thet controls people by laathicharge or somewhere they awakes people and took this by non violent process.
He opens the ration shops and allows the grocery & essential component’s shop which is very important to live human during lockdown.
He managed for food for the homeless people and the slum by the community kitchen. That’s a good way to make lockdown without any casualties.
He wants to make more isolation centre so he talks with the hospitals to make a report about the isolation bed number. After that he will take a step.

He announced that people should take medicine from the urgent numbers like 108, 112 & 102. They should use ambulance by the emergency number. This facility is allowed to this state. The Indian Medical Association or IMA has also decided to help UP during lockdown. They have given enough no. of masks , hand sanitizers. They have also sent the antidote like “HYDROXICHLOROQUINONE” for doctors to avoid corona virus.

Sir Yogi also allows the MLA’s fund to defend the corona virus. He also promotes the health education department to aware the people about corona virus.
He makes a big signatory about corona defence in the Uttar Pradesh for the people.
Due to the panel Uttar Pradesh will be benefited for the slow rate of economical crisis due to corona virus. This planning will help to slow the rate of economic crisis by control the economy. During lockdown the preplanned way will help that state to reduce economic crisis. Due to lockdown that will not be the economic crisis, that will be the food crisis too. So this pre planning is very important to that state, not as that state I think all state to prevent the crisis and the spreading of corona virus.

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