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UP Government will test people cooking food at community kitchens on a daily basis

The Chief Minister of UP, Yogi Adityanath had chaired a meeting on Sunday to review and assess the situation and state of the pandemic in the state.
In the meeting, he stressed over sanitization of community kitchens to be done regularly.
He said that the community kitchens in the state that serve food to the needy should be sanitized regularly and also the people working in preparation of food should be tested daily, Yogi Adityanath asked officials on Sunday.

He said, the people cooking food in different community kitchens should be medically tested for the virus on a daily basis. These community kitchens are supposed to follow cleanliness and also should be regularly sanitized. Also, the kitchens should ensure that they prepare enough food for the needy at this time of need.

The CM also decided upon sending a high- level medical team to cities like Agra, Kanpur, and Meerut, to monitor the present situation and also to ensure the containment of the virus.

Talking about the migrants returning home, the CM said that all the migrants will undergo a medical test. He repeated that the State’s Government is committed to the safe and successful homecoming of migrants.

According to a statement issued by the state government on Sunday, the CM asked all the officials to make rules so as to strictly follow the lockdown rules.
He also insisted upon the use of ‘Aayush Kavach COVID’ app. He also asked the officials to increase the testing capacity in the state.
The state has reported over 3.3K COVID-19 cases.

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