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US Official said, ‘China’s act on India border meant to take advantage of Covid-19 distractions’

Ever since the clash between India and China on LAC, a war-like situation is seen to be brewing in Galwan valley.

US officials have been closely monitoring the situation between Indian and Chinese troops in Eastern Ladakh. They hope that the situation is resolved peacefully without any more casualties from both sides.

Twenty Indian Army Personnel including a Colonel were martyred in the clash on Monday. The whole of India is praying for their families and is enraged with the conditions. The masses have come to the roads and are chanting ‘Boycott of Chinese products’. All over India, there were instances of TV’s and phones being broken and pictures of Chinese officials being burned down. Although there is no official Statement by China on the number of casualties, US sources ‘ANI’ believes it’s between forty to fifty soldiers.

An official statement by the Indian Army :

“Indian and Chinese troops have disengaged at the Galwan area where that they had earlier clashed on the night of 15/16 June 2020. 17 Indian troops who were critically injured within the line of duty at the standoff location and exposed to sub-zero temperatures within the high altitude terrain have succumbed to their injuries, taking the entire that were killed in action to twenty.

Indian Army is firmly committed to guarding the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the nation.” Meanwhile, China today accused India of “deliberately provoking and attacking Chinese officers and soldiers”. Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson tweeted, “India must not misjudge the present situation or underestimate China’s firm will to safeguard its territorial sovereignty.” PM Narendra Modi replied to those accusations by hoping to resolve the matter peacefully or India will take the necessary actions.

On the other hand, US officials believe that this act of war by China on the India Ladakh border was just another tactic to take advantage of the covid-19 situation. Since the number of cases is rising daily, the Government is busy with taking the appropriate measures to control the pandemic and China took this as an opportunity to place an attack on the Indian Army. But China was proven wrong as our Indian Bravehearts fought with all their strength. Both the sides wish to resolve the matter peacefully and we all will have to wait and see
what happens.

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