US President Donald Trump considering Indian American lawyer to head Asia Bureau of USAID.

US President Donald Trump is considering Indian American lawyer Sue Ghosh Stricklett for the head at Asia Bureau of USAID. If selected, she will resume as Assistant administrator for the same.

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Sue, currently resides in Maryland and has advocated government cooperation on various occasions. She currently practices privately and has experience of over 25 years in national security and foreign law. She graduated from the State University of New York.

“The scope of her practice includes Foreign Corrupt Practices Act compliance, intellectual property licensing and technology transfer, US dual-use and defence trade control licensing, and sanctions law enforcement,” the US government announced.

She has also been closely linked with the Trump Government as she helped him as foreign advisor for his presidential campaign.

USAID is one of the largest aid-giving agency in the world and deals with foreign aid and development assistance.

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