US Secretary Mike Pompeo slams China for its aggressive actions along LAC

China is moving its force to Line of actual control (LAC) with India, US Secretary Mike Pompeo gave this statement on Monday.
Many major border lines at LAC in Ladakh and North Sikkim has shown many military build-ups at both the sides India and China.

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Pompeo said that “We see even today increasing forces of China moved up to the north of India on the Line of Actual Control thereon
the Indian border.”

The Communist Party of China (CPC) continuously decline and delays the global tension coronavirus, which begun in Wuhan.

Pompeo also said, “Those are just two pieces of the behaviour of this regime of the Chinese Communist Party. Nature and the activity
that they’re undertaking, the continued efforts to steal intellectual property, to advance in the South China Sea.”

He also added, “The United States has a responsibility and the capability to push back against that, ensure that the American
people are properly served by a foreign policy that recognises the threats that emanate from China today.”

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