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US Senator criticizes China’s unwarranted armed aggression against India

The top US Senators have expressed solidarity and unity with India on the Ladakh face-off with Chinese troops, the Senator slammed China for its “unwarranted and lawless armed aggression” towards India. The Senator also has said that India had made it clear that they will not be bullied by Beijing.

The US Republican Senator Marco Rubio expressed his solidarity with India’s ambassador to the US Taranjit Singh Sandhu with the people of India on the loss of their soldiers and on China’s aggression.

On Monday Rubio tweeted, “I spoke to Amb Sandhu to express our solidarity with the people of #India as they firmly confront unwarranted and lawless armed aggression by the Communist Party of China”.

Many top US Senators have accused China of aggression against India which is not acceptable and this aggression broke the peace between the two countries. Such kinds of violent aggression and face-off are not acceptable and are beyond the limits of acceptance.

“China has resumed its submarine intrusions in the Japanese contiguous zones and picked deadly fights with India at high altitude,” the top Republican Senator from Arkansas said.

“India has made it clear, they will not be bullied by Beijing,” a Senator tweeted.

The India-China face-off took place in Galwan Valley, Ladakh a few weeks ago and the tension escalated manifold after 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a violent crash.

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