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Usain Bolt wishes his fans Happy Easter while promoting social distancing

Usain Bolt, who won the Olympic gold medal sprinter eight times, has been encouraging
people to follow the practice of social distancing. he posted a picture of him in the practice of social distancing since the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
He surely did set a strong message for all his followers and others like him to spread as
much awareness as they probably can. He won the race with the time recorded at 9.69 seconds, he was ahead of the second place holder, Richard Thompson by a slight difference of 0.20 seconds. He was slapping his chest in celebration even before the crossing line as finished. this tells us that is how big of a lead he has built upon his opponents in that race.

He also has won the 200 m gold in the Beijing Olympics. the time was recorded at 19.38
seconds. the Olympics was held at the Bird’s nest stadium
He used one of his throwback pictures demonstrating to follow social distancing and how
they can do so even in the tough times prevail.
“Social distancing # HappyEaster,” is what he wrote on his social media handles.
The legend posted an iconic picture of him winning at the 100 m sprint in Beijing
Olympics,2008. With an ease to advocate social distancing and using the opportunity well
along with wishing his fans a Happy Easter.

The world record holder from Jamaica, showed off one of his photos which showed him
crossing the finish line and is way ahead of his opponents. This moment looks similar to
what the government has been promoting for the past few days.
The recommended six- feet distance between people that should be kept in the act.
He broke his own record as he won the 100 m race and made his gold medal to double after he won the men’s 200m race and again broke the world and Olympic record with a time of 19.30 seconds.

This feat made him into the first sprinter all around as his fellow Jamaican, Don Quarrie held both 100m and 200m world records one after the other and became the first person to be holding both records since the electronic timing was introduced among the fans and the top sprinters.

Moreover, Usain Bolt became the first sprinter to be breaking both of his own world records at the same Olympics where they were made.
It seems to be that he won 6 more of those gold medals and to emphasize, he did not lose even one of his race at Summer Games in the process going on.
Bolt wished his fans and followers a happy easter this Sunday and used the opportunity to contribute to the mass awareness goal of the government. The picture suggests practicing social distancing to combat the spread of coronavirus during these unprecedented times.

Usain Bolt is still the world record holder in 100m 200m and 400 m relay. This makes him a hugely popular figure in the world of sports and his sense of humor along with his records allow him to enjoy a voice on the world stage reaching far more beyond the tracks that made him famous.

The legend surely has a funny outlook on such a haunting situation for the world. When all of us are struggling to fight against the pandemic of COVID 19, he took the opportunity to make us realize and not forget to follow the protocol and made an impact on lots of people’s minds.

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