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Virat Kohli is in some deep thoughts, check here for this recent post

Due to the outbreak of pandemic disease Covid-19, all the cricketing activities are been kept on hold, so most of the cricketers are enjoying their quality time with their family members at their home by indulging into various activities which keep them stress-free. Also, during the lockdown period, most of the players are using social media to interact with their fans and share their memorable moments along with the motivational videos and inspiring messages. Recently, an Indian captain or skipper Virat Kohli who is very much active on Twitter and Instagram posted one of his photos on his Instagram account.

The International Cricket Council ODI (One day international) number one ranked batsman was seen engrossed so much in his deep thoughts in the image shared by him on the social media. Although, Virat use an emoticon but didn’t put a specific caption on the post. It has been found that this cricketer has been listed as the top-10 list of highest-earning athletes on popular social media platform Instagram. During the lockdown period, Virat Kohli found himself at the sixth spot in this extremely surprising list as he reportedly earned 379,294 pounds through his sponsored posts. Recently, he had shared three posts during this time and has collected 126,431 pounds per photo which he had shared on his Instagram.

It has been observed that since the cricket action has come to a halt, few of the cricketers have been kept themselves busy by actively engaging with fellow players and fans on their social media profiles. Virat Kohli is also been seen participating in various Instagram live sessions with players like Kevin Pietersen, AB de Villiers, Sunil Chhetri and Ravichandran Ashwin. Well, Virat Kohli played his last match way back in February 2020 and hence, the thing which must be at the top of his mind is his comeback on the field. However, Kohli didn’t enjoyed a great run in India’s last tour of New Zealand and was expected to go back to his prime in the ODI series against South Africa in the Indian Premier League 2020 but somehow, both the fixtures cancelled the match due to the frighten of pandemic disease i.e. coronavirus.


As per the several reports, the board of control for cricket in Indian (BCCI) is planning to restart the India team’s training session at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) located in Chinnaswamy Stadium Bengaluru, Karnataka. Unfortunately, the skipper Virat Kohli along with his subordinate Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane are likely to remain stranded at their respective Mumbai homes as their city is the highly affected region in India. After sharing the photo on social media i.e. Instagram, the comment section of the post was filled in a moment as fans were trying to guess what the Virat Kohli is thinking about.

Virat Kohli is a fighter on the field but his bat speaks another language. He says that being a cricketer is so much important to me, as I am very much attached to this game. The work ethics of Virat Kohli is superb one as he observed it religiously. Kohli doesn’t believe in pretending as he likes to present himself as a simple man with no attitude. Deep down the line, this skipper Virat Kohli is a true blue desi who loves good Punjabi music which pumps him up before the starting of the match as it kicks him so much and also loves trying out different cuisines. He always says to his fans to accept the criticism, advice and opinion of others. Virat Kohli loves the contest and is pretty competitive along with the aggressiveness in his blood.

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