He was born in 1988 in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala but was born & brought up in Delhi.

He even auditioned for the DID doubles season in 2011.

To make ends meet, he would take dance classes at Rs 150 per kid.

Raftaar's father was a cleaner with the Indian Railways and his mother, a typist.

He marked his debut as a songwriter in 2013 when he penned down the lyrics to "Tamanche pe Disco" for the movie Bullet Raja.

Back in 2006, he also worked as a salesman for UCB where he earned Rs.10k a month.

Raftaar used to post his compositions on Orkut, the social networking site back in the days.

In 2017, he also entered the Bengali Film Industry with the title track of the film "One".

Raftaar created a special rap for the Hollywood Movie "Passengers" featuring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.

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