Mostlysane is India's biggest female comedy creator

Her YouTube channel, MostlySane, has 1.6 million subscribers with an average of 50,000 new subscribers every week

Her dream was to become a Radio Jockey

Her first hit video, she recalls, was in June 2015. It was titled 10 Hilarious Words Delhi-ites Use. That was the first video to go viral!

Invited by the Obama Foundation to attend the town hall meeting by former American President Barack Obama in India last December

Her personal favourite MostlySane videos are Types of Rickshaw Passengers, Types Of Relatives, Audition gone wrong and Types of Tuition Teachers.

Kolis collaboration with Girliyapa in the PA Gals series

I like making notes in everyday life and then flesh those ideas out into videos later, she says.

Prajakta has also used her channel to raise awareness for several social campaigns.

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