Ranveer offers a costly car to his mother before the release of his film 'Lootera'.

During the first film by Ranveer Band Baaja Baraat there were rumors that his father had given Rs 10 crore to Aditya Chopra to make the film which was strongly denied by Ranveer and stated that the film l Had gotten because of his talent.

Ranveer wears the Rakhi tied by Ritika for several days and removes it only after he has completely broken Rakhi.

Ranveer is very close to his sister Ritika. Every year, on Rakshabandhan day, he touches his feet after organizing a rakhi.

Ranveer is very fond of dance and action. In her childhood, when her grandmother asked her to entertain her at a birthday party, Ranvir jumped into the lawn and danced for a long time.

Ranveer's father is Bandra Best Real Estate Businessman. His mother takes care of the family. Ranveer proudly calls his mother's boy.

Ranveer exercises twice daily for 2 hours.

Ranveer believes his great specialty is to drink alcohol once or twice a year.

 According to Ranveer Anushka Sharma is the strongest of all heroines. He said that Anushka is working hard and his metabolism is very high.

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