Raveena had a crush on Rishi Kapoor, she revealed the fact during the promotions of Bombay Velvet as she worked with Ranbir Kapoor in this film.

Raveena became a mother before the marriage, actually, she adopted two daughters before marriage. Later Raveena married to film distributor Anil Thadani. Well, now she is the proud mother of four children.

The affair between Raveena Tandon and Akshay Kumar had always been in discussions, but only a few people know that they were not just in a relationship, actually they were engaged. In one interview, Raveena had told that in an interview, she got depressed after a breakup with the actor.

Raveena and Ajay Devgn have studied together in the same college. Raveena once told in an interview that she was hurt when Ajay didn't recognise her.

Raveena Tandon started her acting career with superstar Salman Khan, her first film was Patthar Ke Phool (1991). The film was a big flop at the box office.

Raveena Tandon's father's name was Ravi and her mother's name was Veena, so by joining it, her name became Raveena

Her nickname is 'Munmun' which was given to her by her maternal-uncle actor Macmohan.

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