Baba Ramdev left schooling after he ran away from home post his 8th standard and yet has Doctorate degrees from 4 universities across India.

From his contributions to India and the world in the form of ayurvedic medicines and yoga, his estimated property is worth Rs. 30 Billion.

It is believed that Baba charges Rs 50,000 for front row seats at his yoga classes and Rs 30,000 for seats behind. The last row costs Rs 1,000 a seat

He had publicly claimed of curing AIDS and cancer with yoga. But when probed further into these claims he later clarified that he had only said yoga helped provide relief to those with AIDS.

Baba swears by a strictly ‘non-political life’ a sure sign of good conduct whereas his close association with many political parties is well-known.

Ramdev baba works 18 to 20 hours a day. He wakes up 3 am every morning to start his exercise schedule, after a healthy diet of green vegetables, milk and seasonal fruit.

He propagated Pranayam as ‘medicine free’ for the treatment of diseases round the globe yet Divya Pharmacy manufactures and sells about 285 drugs and other products with total turnover as per his own admission is about 1100 crores.

On one side Baba dreams about ideal Bharat but on the other side it has been alleged that his pharmacy was selling pills that could help women conceive boys. If those pills do work, he in near future will have to sell pills that would help men conceive because according to him homosexuality is unnatural, remember?

Ramdev’s main yoga centre is in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, and can hold 6,000 people. It is also the lifeline of a global business spread across three trusts, and fetches a turnover of $ 40 million every year.`

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