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What are the advantage and disadvantage of Free Fire

Free fire is a game that was made by Garene international private limited. That is an online game where players can play with their friends online. That game is copied from the PUBG. Which is another same type of game. But unfortunately, that game is less populated due to PUBG. In the vase of low memory and high feature like PUBG that was populated. In fact, that’s a very wonderful game in low memory.

In there we have to jump from plane to the ground like Parajumpers/paratroopers. There have some modes like solo, squad and zombie mode. So in squad mode, we have to jump from the plane in other squad members by following the jumpmaster. But in the solo mode, we can jump by my choice. There has a map where we can play. So firstly we have to jump. Then we have to collect the arms and ammo to survive between the enemy group. At first, we have to collect the pistols like Glock 56, to survive from the enemy anyhow.

But sometimes that’s not possible because there has too many unusual things are given like gun holders, frying pan, swords etc. So we have to choose the best gun to protect from the enemy. There are too many shotguns which are extremely rubbish to shoot from a distance. So we have to choose the AKM which is a variant of Apetomato Kalashnikov 47, slide called AK47. That has a very sharpshooting and 400-meter range. There has another gun named GROZA which is a very beautiful gun in FreeFire. This gun has a scope that’s an advantage. But AK47 has no scope that’s a disadvantage. There has another pistol named Magnum which has a 4x scope.

That pistol has a very good range to do a headshot. There have two rules in long damage the player can pass with a knock, which means the player will not die but can die after a while. In that case, the player can’t fire with the guns. There has only one way to survive any of the squad members should give revive, alias medi-kit. There has somebody armour and helmet. We can update this armour or helmet with the vest kit. By upgrading this the vest and the helmet will be more bulletproof than level 1. There has the grenade to boom the enemy. There have also been mines to destroy the enemy.

There have some rifles and sniper-like KAR98K which was invented during World War II. The full form of this gun is Karabiner 98 Burj. And there have some snipers like DRAUGONOV which was made in Russia during the cold war. In there, some scopes are given like 4x, 6x, 8x. There has a beautiful gun like AWM which is the worlds best sniper. But unfortunately, the sniper is useless because the map is too small. There have two types of drums like red and blue. Red drums are explosive ones and the blue drums are smoke creators. That smoke is used to defend the enemy.

There has a big thing name zone when the total number of players will be decreased then the zone will be decreased. Outer zone is deadliest for players, in there the health decreases. There we can gain health by medi-kit, bandages and we can increase the body armour health by eating the mushroom. There has another mode like zombie mode. Where the player can respawn there health. There has some zombies and the ammo are infinite there we have to survive from zombies. Atlast there the boss zombie will come which has maximum health and maximum armour.

After the survival, the player will get the BOOYAH, whereas in PUBG the player will get the CHICKEN DINNER.

There has some advantage –

  • The player should end the game by 10 minutes more or less. So that’s save time of player. Player can play one or two matches in small time. That’s a good advantage of this game.
  • The size of game is too small that many of Android phone supports tis game. Now a days many of android phones are low memory. So many of people installed this game to play.
  • Due to low size the trash files are very low of this game so phone will be safe.
  • In there we can learn how to win the close war with or without the team. That’s a very good lesson for a fighter.

There has some disadvantages also-

  • Due to small size the map is small so there has no activities of snipers. So who wants to play with snipers, this game is useless for them.
  • Sometimes the game is hanged or lagged due to the net fluctuation that’s a disadvantage of this game.
  • Due to low size the resolution of this game is poor. So enemy can’t visible clearly in short range.
  • After all the game becomes very harmful to the students. Their minds are distracted from the studies due to this game, they put this game as an instinct in there mind.
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