What are the advantages and disadvantages of Call of Duty?

Gaming became an entertainment for most of the children now a days. Many Games are becoming a trend but call of duty has 4.6 rating, because there enjoy playing call of duty. It has unique market. Gaming makes one to feel free in hard situation. It used has an device of an entertainment. In the world of social medias, Gaming has its own unique path and ranking. Many people are interested to play games in which there are different categories of people. Adult spend there quarantine time in social medias and children in video games.

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An individual will play the single game for many years. It became their addiction and enjoy each and every movement in the game. Another type, including me will come in this category. these people will have crazy on gaming but not. In sense an individual will never become an addict. There used play one game an month and moves to another game. There interest will change often. Is one will dislike gaming? yes, few will not have any interest in Gaming.

And will pass they quarantine time by playing games especially call of duty. Compare to many games, it remains unique in it style. The only game which increases the confidence level. It is quite difficult but it gives relief to an individual. It is an adventurous game in which the shooting and fighting exists. why people love gaming? The question can be asked in many ways but the answer is to pass the quarantine time. Every one wish to spend there quarantine days, with peace and some with adventure. One who loves adventurous activity definitely there choose call of duty. There will have choose has an call of duty. Is gaming is waste of time? No it means something new, it depends on the game we choose to play. Call of duty trains to play the video games in correct manner and motive the players. It is equal to life, because one should have confidence to face the problem. In same way gaming will train an individual.

Gaming had some demerits, Gaming is only the quarantine time, but it become an addiction of many people

The children were largely affected. Children will have there concentration on games like call of duty etc..,and will loss there studies. Power of thinking is reduced in other activities. There will fail to do there works in all aspects. Not only in quarantine days gaming play a vital role, during working hours gaming occupies it part.
One who play a game for years will get addict? of course, but in some aspects there will be bored and it become an advantage.

An individual used play the call of duty of few days and get bored. There is many possibilities, such people will easy comes out of Gaming. One who play various game for a single period will never come out . There interest will increase and moves for many games. These people will affect Mentally, leads to loss of memory. Everything as its own limits, once it is crossed it leads to serious impact on the individual.

Addiction, major impact of video games, one cannot isolated after one is addicted. It will be applicable not only for video games but also for drinking, drugs, etc.., Everything’s has limits one should understand there way of being, rather addiction is the result. At one extent addict to one thing, pull the man to commit suicide. There was many cases in India many children and adults are death because of video games. As there parents put an restrictions to video games, The children cannot survive without the games so, there committed suicide. It was rare cases. But it still exists.

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Books, food for soul and body. During quarantine time one can spend by reading books and related activities but wasting time in video games. Gaming give pleasure of an minutes but books gives the best regards for life. It depends upon the way one spend the quarantine time. It could be nice to spend the time in unique ways. for example is reading books. And by spending the time which nature rather on video games. But video games occupies most of the time in quarantine days.

Video games is an device to make us free and comfortable. It should be carried in positive way. Negative impacts of video games should not be encouraged by an individual. Adventurous video games are quite interesting, it refresh our mind and our concentration level will be high while playing games. One should maintain the same level of concentration in other activities to enrich ones knowledge. Everything has advantages and disadvantages, it depends upon the way one handle. Play games and enjoy the quarantine time, don’t get addicted to the video games.

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