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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Candy Crush?

Candy Crush is a great game which is called as most played games. That game is produced by the KING. That game is well populated in India and abroad. The game has some types like CANDY CRUSH SAGA, CANDY CRUSH, CANDY CRUSH SODA SAGA, CANDY CRUSH FRIENDS, CANDY BOMBS & etc. Candy Crush is the mental power game. This game is very popular for girls and boys who wants to increase the I. Q .

So in that game in the first level the cook tells about the game and tells as how to play this game. So there are some candies in a table. Then we have to match sane candies in a row or in a column. If we match the same four candy then we will got a striped candy. There we have to match the minimum 3 candies. Now, this stripped candies will vanish the row or column w.r.t the birth of that candy from row or from column. That candy will vanish all the candies of row and column. From that we will get points to make the level easier and to make the way to three star. When we match the minimum 3 candies then only those candies are vanished. In the game when we match the 3rd candy of in row and column in same move, then we shall get a packed candy if we match the packed candy with other two same type candy then it vanishes the row & column simultaneously in one move.

In this game the move number is dependent on the level. If the level is much tough then then the player will get much moves. Some of game has 25 moves and maximum there has 43 moves. The player should play the game between the move number.
So in the game the if we match the 5 candies in a same row or column then we get a colour bomb. Which can vanish some of candies.

Now there has some special case if there has a stripped candy with an another same type stripped candy. If we swap those candies then it will vanish all the candies in row or column simultaneously.
If there has the stripped candy and another same type packed candy then if we swap, we will see that the row and column candies are vanished due to packed candy and the point is increasing due to stripped candy.

If the colour bomb is fixed with any special candy then after swapping all the candies can vanish. That’s also dependent on the level of that game. In some level there has two colour bomb is fixed with. In that case after swapping that bombs we will see all the candies will vanish. That case we wins that level.

Here some tricky levels are pushed between some normal levels. It’s a plan to attract the players to the game and to increase the brain power of the players.
There has some extra credits or gadgets, which helps the player to clear the level. The gadgets are limited for a player. If that ends player should buy the those gadgets by the choice of that player. If the player doesn’t want to buy it, then he or she should wait for the gifts which is given after clearing that level. Oh, now there has the lucky spin. In the old version there had no lucky spin.

Now a days player can play as a guest or can connect this game with Facebook or can connect with Google. For playing this game in guest the playing data will not save in the game. For joining the Facebook the player can see the ranking of hiss all friends that will in encourage the player to play much and go to the top ranking of that game.

This game has some disadvantage:

  • The game has to play very carefully because the moves are to small.
  • Now the game has to connect the Facebook and Google account if the player hasn’t the account then player has to play with guest then the gaming data will not save in that game. That’s a big dis advantage of this game.
  • I this game there has infinite or maximum no. of levels so that’s a very big problem for that game. So players are bored in this game.

There has some advantage of this game:

  • That game has some tricks to play then the player learns about the tricks. By that process player increases his or her I. Q.
  • While connecting the Facebook and Google account the player can know his rank of his or her position between his or friends.
  • This game is partly online game so there has no hang or pause of game.
  • This game has small trash file so that can’t fill the memory rapidly. For this that game is not harmful for mobile.
  • That game size is small that every phone supports this game.
  • The game has good graphics so that attracts player that’s a good advantage of this game.
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