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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Fortnite?


Fortnite is an interesting video game like call of duty, PUBG, Counter strike. Fortnite has its own adventure and new features which leads to have its own market in gaming. Video games are loved by children and adults. In the world of computer Video games play a vital role to send the time. Mostly fortnite is liked by children, it is something different, because it is in cartoon format. This article tell about the advantage and disadvantage of fortnite video game. Who hate video games? No one even I love to play video games in quarantine time. Every video games has its unique features to attract the players, that became an advantage.


Here are the few advantage of fortnite video game, The advantage are special features of this game.

“Cartoon Format”

It was an adventurous game but it exists in cartoon format, one great advantage to attract the children. Children are one who love this game very much. Parents want their children on safe hand, so this game helps them. Fun making game for children due to its cartoon characters. They are many video games which has its unique features but the fortnite is something different. In childhood, we have crazy on cartoon Channels. children will love to watch the cartoon characters. If the game exit in cartoon format? it seems wow to children and enjoy they pass time with video games.

“Pass Time”

Video games became the major pass time, In which fortnite occupies the children in large extent. They are many players in which one remain at the last ,who is the winner of the game. Does games need concentration? with lack of concentration, one cannot win the battle. Same way video games are compared to war field. Many video games resemble war field but fortnite is different and provide fun to players.

To pass the quarantine hours the children choose the fortnite video games. Happiness out of video games is something new and every one should have the experience.




Some times advantage became the major disadvantage.

“Reduced in size”

They were many players, only one remains at the last, described as the winner of the round. Players will hide themselves at many places to same them from other shooters. Players will have many place for hiding but it will get reduced at the end of the game. It is reduced depending upon the players death. it seems the greater disadvantage of fortnite. Convince is essential in gaming.


Addiction is the impact of video games, one cannot isolated after one is addicted. It will be applicable not only for video games but also for drinking, drugs, etc.., Everything’s has limits one should understand there way of being, rather addiction is the result. At one extent addiction , pull the man to commit suicide. There was many cases in India many children and adults are death because of a video games. As there parents put an restrictions to video games, The children cannot survive without the games so, there committed suicide. It was rare cases. But it still exists. There are many ways to pass the quarantine time, one should not choose video games it leads to addiction. Not only for fortnite children are addicted, it is applicable for all video games.

“Timing- lead role”

To complete one round it takes many hours. Duration is lengthy. There were any member in game, at the end one will be remaining, announced as the winner. Until, the other players should wait for next round. it is the greater disadvantage of fortnite video game. Every video games has its own unique disadvantage.
Video games should be used only for entertainment purposes. It is better to overcome any problems. Adult spend there quarantine time in social medias and children in video games.

“Lack of concentration”

Children will only have the concentration on cartoon character and their will live in the world of imagination. ‘world of imagination is unreal.’ This statement has many needs to understand. Once it is understood, no one will get addict to nothing. But being the children it is hard for them to overcome and to have knowledge of what parents says.

Children will never concentrate on studies and outdoor games. outdoor games make one physically and mentally fit. But due to video games, the individual are forgetting the use of out door games. They will lack knowledge in other activities. children gets physically lazy.


Everything has advantages and disadvantages, it depends upon the way one handle. Play games and enjoy the quarantine time, don’t get addicted to the video games. Happiness out of video games is something new and every one should have the experience.

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