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What Did Bipasha Basu Revealed About Her Pregnancy?

Bipasha Basu is one of the most stunning and bold actresses in Bollywood. She is married to star Karan Singh Grover and ever since their marriage the media has been reportedly spreading rumours about their pregnancy.

What Did Bipasha Basu Revealed About Her Pregnancy?

This is what Bipasha Basu had to say:
“We don’t tackle them. We let them believe when I am pregnant when I am not pregnant when I am again pregnant, and not pregnant,
and still, I am pregnant and the kid has still not come out but I am still pregnant, I am not pregnant.”

So it seems like Bipasha and Karan are not expecting a child at the moment. The actress also stated that whenever they are asked about their pregnancy the couple just doesn’t pay much heed to it. I just believe, you know, people are wishing me well. They want us to have a family. So it’s not a bad thing so you have to look at it like that and not take it so seriously. It’s not such a… it’s not a bad thing that they are wishing upon me, so it’s fine. In a way, you have to take always the positive out of whatever’s being said.” she added.


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