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What Happened To Shiv Kumar Subramaniam’s Son?

Shiv Kumar Subramaniam was a screenwriter and a famous Bollywood actor. He also acted in the movie 2 States. He is credited for writing the screenplay for the 1989 film Parinda and Hazaron Khwahishein Aisi for Sudhir Mishra.

What Happened To Shiv Kumar Subramaniam's Son?

Subramaniam’s 15-year old son died 2 months ago after Subramaniam death. His son was suffering from a brain tumour.
It’s sad to know that the death of his son happened just 2 weeks before his 16th birthday and after 2 months after his demise,
we lost the legendary Shiv Kumar Subramaniam too.

At the time of his son’s death, people expressed their condolences on social media platforms. Meanwhile, Bira Sarwar wrote has posted a tweet saying “Very sad news. He also died just two months after his son Jahan’s death. Shiva’s son Jahan had a brain tumour. He died before his 16th birthday.’

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