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What is Emraan Hashmi’s relationship story?

Emraan Hashmi hides his personal life from the limelight, and only a few people know about his love life. Let us tell you that Emraan married Parveen Shahani. Both were in a relationship for many years. Before marriage, Emraan has always kept his and Parveen’s relationship away from the eyes of people.

What is Emraan Hashmi's relationship story?

When Emraan and Parveen got married. He was struggling in Bollywood. After dating each other for 10 years. They got married in 2006. Emraan says he doesn’t involve his personal and professional life. He kept focusing on their career and handling their life too as well. Emraan himself told in an interview that he is not romantic at all. He says that he plays the role of a lover boy onscreen but in real life, he is not romantic. He says that after marrying Parveen he never gave expensive gifts and never took her to candlelight dinner.

Emraan never tells Praveen about his films!!

Emraan says that he never tells Parveen about his film. He says that he speaks about the film but does not tell about the details of the film. He speaks about the incident when Emraan and Malika’s movie murder was released, Parveen saw the intimate scene with Malika. And She got very angry, with him. After this Emraan said he made a deal with her. And now whenever Emraan goes to a shoot for any movie, he asks her first, and then takes Parveen shopping with Emraan’s card and the amount of that shopping ends at 7 digits.

Emraan and Parveen have a son. He was born on 3 February 2010. Their son name is Ayaan. Ayaan was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 4 and after hearing this news Emraan and his wife Parveen was broken entirely but in this situation, both remained strong for their son and kept supporting each other.


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