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What is PM’s e-vidya initiative for digital education, check out the details here

Under the program, the finance minister has permitted about 100 universities to start online courses by May 30, 2020. She announced the fifth and last measure of the 20 crore package introduced by PM Modi and said that the e-Vidya program is a multi-mode access program for digital education will be launched immediately and that the 100 universities in the country will be permitted to use the platform.

The program will have ‘Diksha’ which will have QRcode energized books and e-content and will be called as ‘one nation one digital platform’.

Along with this one tv channel for the classes, 1 to 12th will also be rolled out and there will be a great use of community radio and podcasts and special e-content for visually and hearing impaired.

As the lockdown as already made people suffer in one way or the other, the government does not want the education of children to suffer. Mentioning the hard times the finance minister, Nirmala Sitharaman said. “Swayam Prabha DTH channel has been rolled out for those who do not have access to the internet and DIKSHA the platform had 61 crore hits counting from march 24th.

Mandarin, which is an initiative for the psychosocial support of students, teachers, and families for the mental health and emotional well being is also going to be launched.

Pedagogical framework and the new national curriculum for schools they’re early childhood and the teachers will also be working. The National foundation literacy and numeracy mission that ensures every child attains learning levels and outcc=omes in
grade 5 by the year 2025 will also be put to work, said the ministry.

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