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What is the idea of a ‘perfect date’ for Sushmita Sen?

A huge following of admirers longs to get a peek into celebrities’ lives and the opportunity to interact with them personally.

What is the idea of a 'perfect date' for Sushmita Sen?

As a result, famous people frequently find themselves in the spotlight. Sushmita Sen recently provided frequently provided an inside look into her personal life by sharing her ideal date. “Shall arrive on time. Should smell good, and the list goes on,” Sushmita Sen said in a frank exchange that lasted 59 seconds during one of her interviews.

She further stated that “honesty” was the path to her heart. Sushmita Sen acknowledged that she is a “night owl” and that the time she wakes up is determined by “what time I slept.” The former Miss Universe enjoys both a wild night out and a quiet evening, “depending on the company”.

What is her preferred cheat meal?

Like most people, she mentioned that biriyani” is her go-to-cheat meal.

She remembered that her first job paid “Rs 2,500” as well. What item does she never leave the house with? She said, “Money and phone.” Sen, who had a heart attack but survived, said that living was the scariest thing she had ever done. The 47-year-old shared his experience of surviving a heart attack. “I made it through a severe heart attack. It was quite large. There is a 95% blockage of the main artery. This phase eventually faded away. She stated in an Instagram Live that it didn’t make her nervous.

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