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What is the REAL STORY behind Salman Khan’s lucky stone?

Salman Khan is always seen wearing his famous bracelet with a blue stone in it. The actor never parts with it. An old video showed an actor talking about receiving as a gift. In another video, the actor was asked about the significance of the bracelet. To this, he replied, “My father has always worn this. And growing up, it used to look cool on his hand. How kids play with things, I used to play with his bracelet. And then when I started off working, he got me the exact one. This stone is called frozen.” He further said, “What happens with this is that if there’s any negativity coming onto you, first, this takes it, it gets veins in them and then it cracks. This is my seventh stone.”

What is the REAL STORY behind Salman Khan's lucky stone?

Seeing him wear this, many Salman fans started wearing the exact bracelet and it soon became a popular fashion trend. Salman also launched the bracelet under his brand Being Human.

Last month the actor celebrated his 56th birthday in his farmhouse.

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