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What is the salary of Salman Khan’s bodyguard?

Shera is Bollywood’s most popular Bodyguard. He has been giving security to Salman Khan for the last 26 years. Salman Khan dedicated his superhit film Bodyguard to his personal bodyguard Shera. Shera also appeared with Salman Khan at the end of this film. Shera lives with Salman khan and recognizes him as his ‘malik’. Shera’s real name is Gurmeet Singh Jolly. He was born in a Sikh family living in Mumbai.

Shera was fond of Body Building from the beginning. In the year 1987, He won the title of ‘Mr. Mumbai Junior’. This story is from 1995 when Salman Khan needed a bodyguard and Arbaaz Khan had got Salman Khan to meet Shera. Since then Shera has been protecting him, to date. Shera has security agencies of his own which he has named after his son Tiger. Shera has also given security to many international artists. When Justin Bieber came to India, he was also responsible for their security.

Apart from this, he has also protected big personalities like Will Smith, Jackie Chan, and Michael Jackson. But personally, Shera is always seen with Salman Khan. According to a report, Salman Khan pays Shera more than Rs. 2 crores annually. That is, he takes a salary up to Rs. 16 lakh every month. In an interview, Shera had said that he would stay with Salman Khan till his last breath.


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