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Whatsapp scam: hackers pose as WhatsApp’s technical team to steal passwords

The sought after application used for messaging is facing another scam where the people who register their information through a new device are being asked for their one-time verification passwords by hackers. The hackers have disguised themselves as WhatsApp’s technical team and also using the official logo of the app as their profile picture.

This is done to hack into the WhatsApp accounts of the users. The tracking website of WhatsApp, WEBetainfo received an email from the user informing about the suspicious message they received asking for their one time password when they activate their account on a new device.

When a user wants to activate their accounts on their new device, they need to enter the one time password. The system was made to curb the hackers from getting. It has been conveyed by WABetaInfo that WhatsApp rarely uses its account to convey messages.

Even if the messaging is not sending a message it will be sent from their verified account to check for a verified account the users can look for a green tick alongside the profile and the name of the account. Whatsapp claims that it never has asked for sensitive or confidential information like a password.

If the user falls into the trap of the hackers and ends up losing their account, they can re-verify it and claim it back. For now, the app can be used on a single device.

The application is working on increased support for multiple devices in future. The feature was spotted in the beta version of the application which will be allowing the users to log into the same account from two multiple devices.

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