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Which B-Town CELEBS own Holiday Home in Beverly Hills

1. SHAH RUKH KHAN- Shah Rukh Khan has a lavish vacation property in Beverly Hills, which is a well-liked location for tourists. On Airbnb, it was temporarily available for rent at Rs. 1.96 lakh per night. SRK also has an apartment in New York City where his daughter Suhana Khan resides in addition to this enormous home. Here is a tour of Suhana’s residence while she is attending film school in New York City.

2. ANIL KAPOOR- According to Mid-Day, Anil Kapoor lavishly purchased his son Harshvardhan Kapoor, who was attending school in Orange County, California, a sizable 3BHK flat. In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Harshvardhan acknowledged the same.

Which B-Town CELEBS own Holiday Home in Beverly Hills

3. JOHN ABHARAM- In one of Los Angeles’ most affluent neighbourhoods, Bel Air, John Abraham maintains a registered address. Celebrities like Beyoncé, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Jennifer Aniston, among others, reside in the upscale neighbourhood.

4. PRIYANKA CHOPRA- Priyanka Chopra has a sizable collection of properties. The international celebrity has residences all over the world, including many houses in America, a paradisiacal mansion in London, and stylish apartments in Mumbai. Priyanka Chopra owns an opulent property in Los Angeles as well as a few exquisite residences in Manhattan and New York City.

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