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Which is the most disliked video on YouTube in India?

There have been some YouTube videos that are disliked the most in India. So nobody wishes that their videos be disliked. But it comes as a surprise to the TikTok well-known movie star Mr Faisu, who has these days uploaded a video on his YouTube channel underneath the same name. And it has turn out to be the Most Disliked Indian YouTube Video ever.

Mr. Faisu, the real call is Faisal Sheikh, became a part of the collateral damage to the continued feud among the YouTube vs TikTok network.
Faisal Sheikh had simply commenced his YouTube channel and posted his first-ever video at the platform. Soon it changed into trending on YouTube and it struck as a great second for the humans to attack him as part of the YouTube vs TikTok controversy.

He published Mr Faisu”. As of scripting this, the video holds over 1.4+ Million dislikes and 7.2+ Million perspectives, that is 16% of the audience disliked the video. The likes count is under 310K.

It may have taken a toll on Faisal Sheikh’s feelings because he did now not even comment on a single word on the YouTube vs TikTok conflict. He maintained silence for the duration of the drama. Though he would possibly communicate about the present-day incident within the coming days, till then we shall be patient what he thinks about the situation.

He visits riverside, countryside and goes excessive up within the mountains to shoot. Also shoots in the jungle. He is visible doing some tasks, the purpose isn’t yet clean although.

The video becomes shot before Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced the entire lockdown in India. The TikTok released the Behind The Scenes or extra of Vlog days in the past on his YouTube channel.

Oru Adaar Love– 940K Dislikes

Everybody knows about the wink lady ‘Priya Varrier’. She has become a sensation overnight on social media while her clip from the music, of her winking after which taking pictures along with her fingers, were given viral on numerous platforms. Though her reputation couldn’t save her from getting dislikes. Oru Adaar Music Video became in advance the most disliked Indian YouTube video before Mr Faisu’s video took its area.

Amir Siddiqui: Spread Peace, Remove Hate

Seems like YouTubers do not like TikTokers in any respect. The face at the back of the YouTube vs TikTok feud, Amir Siddiqui, makes his access to one of the maximum hated content material on YouTube. In this video, he talks about pinnacle tier YouTubers who recently roasted him badly. He mentions CarryMinati, Lakshay Chaudhary and Elvish Yadav.

Aankh Marey feat Ranveer Singh & Sara Ali Khan – 621K Dislikes

Who didn’t dance to the beat of Aankh Marey when DJ performed it? I guess anybody has danced to its beat. Still, 621 thousand human beings could not trouble to look Ranveer Sing and Sara Ali Khan’s hotness. The video holds 3rd Position within the number of dislikes and it does not marvel us due to the fact the video has 734+ Million Views and 3.3+ Million Likes. The quantity of dislikes is bearable as it is watched by an immensely huge target market.

Aankh Marey (Lyrical) feat Ranveer & Sara – 641K Dislikes

Probably one of the most-watched Indian YouTube motion pictures, scoring over 814+ Million likes with a tolerable 641K Dislikes. 

Laung Lachi – Diljit Dosanjh – 510K Dislikes

The Most Watched Indian Music Video on YouTube, sure, it’s miles Laung Lachi. The dislikes count number is 510K, negligible in comparison to 1+ Billion perspectives. The tune functions Diljit Dosanjh, a longtime singer writer and actor along with Neeru Bajwa, a famous actress. The video is shot geographical region showing stunning scenery and emotions.

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