Who Designs “Urfi Javed” Clothes?

Urfi Javed is an Indian Television actress who has appeared in many TV serials. Urfi Javed is well known for her dressing style. She surprises every viewer and every fan out there with the bold outfits she wears.

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Who Designs "Urfi Javed" Clothes?

Some of her dresses are so strange that it leaves her fans wondering who the designer of Urfi’s clothes is. In her recent posts, Urfi has been seen wearing a blue outfit that was torn from many places. She was also trolled on Instagram about her outfit and people commented that her dress got torn by a mouse.

Urfi on her blue dress posts was asked questions about who the designer of her dress is. She replied with a funny comment stating “it’s a mouse“. She also stated that her designer had ditched her so she had to stitch her dress for the red carpet.

So, Urfi Javed’s clothing sense is what makes her popular. It has not yet been revealed who designs are clothes. But we do know that Urfi goes viral after whatever outfit she wears on screen.


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