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A “South Indian Aunty or A Californian Girl”, who is “NIHARIKA NM” for you?

If you are active on Instagram, or if you binge watch videos on youtube, then you would have definitely come across her!

Niharika NM is a Bengaluru based Youtuber and a comedian. Her love for theatre and plays led to her career as a Youtuber. She created her Youtube Channel in 2015 and made her debut in 2016 with the video “Girls in public vs Girls alone”.

Her second video “Types of Students Before an Exam” went viral which led to the beginning of her fame. She became immensely popular by expressing herself through her videos. Recently, an Instagram rant on the popular quote “if you love someone, let them go”, won the hearts of her followers and also got the attention of several South Indian celebrities like Khusbu Sundar and Kavya Venkatesh.

The 23-year-old was also chosen as one of the global ambassadors of Creators for Change- a youtube initiative, using influencers to generate awareness and create change. She represented India alongside huge names in the industry like AIB and MostlySane. Niharika also gave a Ted Talk “You matter, and Your dreams matter”, encouraging her audience to reach their goals, no matter what.

The Youtuber is currently pursuing her MBA in Los Angeles and is soon to make her Netflix debut as a part of the “Behensplaining” team with Kusha Kapila and Srishti Dixit.

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