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Who is Nita Ambani’s favourite Indian designer?

Ambani’s outfits are worth looking at. They’ll leave your jaw open and leave you staring at it. Did you know Nita Ambani has a favourite Indian designer for whom she wears maximum outfits? And that designer is none other than the famous duo Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. Almost all her outfits are made by them.

Who is Nita Ambani's favourite Indian designer?

Some of the outfits worn by her are-

1] Nothing says an Ambani wedding like Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla equip. Nita Ambani wears a dazzling pink Zardosi ghagra and a brilliant pullover, demonstrating that pink never goes out of the mould.

2] The duo’s plans have been her clear fail-safe choice for all her conventional looks, and this one, in specific, is our top pick – a classic ivory chikankari kurti set. Typically your signal to jettison your conspicuous outfits soaks in gold and shimmer in lieu of something straightforward however exquisite.

3] She makes an explanation in a custom tulle burano ghagra motivated by Venetian bind, which she joined with a luxuriously weaved work gold shirt and a gold tissue dupatta. She carries the outfits with aplomb, demonstrating being a steadfast supporter of their architects, however once more.

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