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Who is the “personal trainer” of Salman Khan?

One of the greatest names in Indian film is the Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. Fans adoringly refer to him as the “Bhai Jaan” of Bollywood since he has produced multiple box office hits. In addition to this, he is a fitness hero to many. The celebrity’s personal trainer is now disclosing his exercise regimen.

Who is the "personal trainer" of Salman Khan?

Rakesh Udiyar, the fitness specialist who helped the Dabangg actor slim down and get combat shape for Bodyguard, became a disciple of his in 2010. Rakesh has finally revealed the long-kept secret of fitness.

The trainer revealed,  “Salman will do cardio every day, without fail. He developed the habit at a young age when he was also a national-level swimmer. He starts his day with an hour-long session before moving on to weight training. We walk long distances in his farms, and also take to hiking sessions that last for two hours.”

Rakesh Udiyar also discusses the limitations he encounters as a result of Salman’s current age and health issues. He said that the Antim star was a deliberate weight lifter who switched from using heavy to moderate weights. Salman Khan is not a supporter of rigorous diets and fitness routines, as Rakesh Udiyar further discloses. So he provides him with straightforward exercises that are intended to produce results.

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