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Why Jaya Bachchan HATES Rekha?

The love triangle that made headlines in the 1900s was much more complicated than it looked so. The love affair between Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha blew up the headlines. When Jaya Bachchan was involved, it made things more twisted which caused a rift between the two. They totally cut ties off with each other. So is there still any feud between Rekha and Jaya?

Why Jaya Bachchan HATES Rekha?

Long before Koffee with Karan there existed Rendezvous with Simi Gharewal. In one of the rare episodes, there was Rekha spilt the tea of the trio. While she confessed her love for Big B, she totally denied having any feuds with Jaya Bachchan. “Didibhai is much more mature, much more together,” Rekha had said about Jaya. “I’ve yet to come across a woman who is so together. She’s got so much dignity, so much class. She’s got a lot of strength. I admire that woman. We had an association before the so-called rumours and the media messed up the whole image. We were living in the same building and we had a relationship. She was my Didibhai, she still is – no matter what happens nobody can take that away. Thank God she realises that too. Whenever we meet she’s very sweet – she’s not just civil, she’s just herself,” she had said.

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