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Why USA is blaming China for the origin of coronavirus?

Battle of COVID-19:

The pandemic is spreading like wildfire along the entire world. After many of years the entire countries are engulfed surreptitiously with COVID-19. Over 4,35,000 have been reported as confirmed for corona pandemic globally. According to the recent report over 19,000 have been died by COVID-19 and around 1,11,000 people were recovered from corona. The COVID-19 create a big battle along the entire world. The huge populated countries are affected economically and medically. The world share markets and stock markets gets suffered a lot. Mainly China, US, Italy, Iran, UK, India, etc. are facing a great losses in most of the departments.

The COVID-19 is initially arise from China and spreads very fast along the world. WHO was noticed that the pathogen was a novel corona virus on January-7. It was no longer China’s problem alone. The China government stated that it was no longer as zoonosis, yes it is an anthroponosis (person-to-person). Only on January 11 the china faced and marked the first death case by COVID-19 in Wuhan recently. After a week it reaches 26. It is a huge thing to note by everyone. In January 31 WHO announced that the disease a public health emergency of international concern. The next day the virus is imported to India, Russia, Spain, Sweden and the UK by the infected travellers from China. In February 2, the infection has spread to 24 countries via travellers from one country to other. Thi has been continued at fast and routine. Then the virus spread level and dominated level is at high within 2 months along the entire world countries.

Wuhan- center for Corona:

The COVID-19 spread from the Wuhan city. The Wuhan is majorly affected by corona and the position of the spreading and impacting is at dangerous level in Wuhan at starting. The death rate of China due to corona is majorly causes by Wuhan people. The entire Wuhan was locked down and no people walking or come from home.

The entire people were stayed at their home to save their lives at home. The hospitality is at the critical situations are made in Wuhan due to corona. This made a huge or a mass level history in the China. Wuhan is a huge market place and a commercial place for China. The affected Wuhan results the swing in the China’s stock market. The COVID-19 not only affected the Wuhan’s economy, it also affected the entire world economy.

Mystery behind the COVID Vs Wuhan:

China is a huge commercial country in the world. They have the unbeatable special thing that China is the only country having the less exportation and huge importations. Mainly products are only used by their own products not an exported products. So, America did a great summit with China. The America asked china to allow them to sell their market products in Wuhan city. China was got angered and not accepted their points. They strictly refused to allow them to market their products.

The America becomes to put a economical corruption with China. So, if there is no way for China, then they accepted and allowed them to market their products in Wuhan city badly. China prepared an artificial COVID-19 to spread in Wuhan. If the virus is spread out in Wuhan there is no countries to come and sell their products in Wuhan this is the thought of the rural people about the china. It is so related with china. Yes, that how can’t affect the nearby cities like Beijing, Shanghai. Without spreading to nearby countries how it travels from China to Europe countries and American countries. In china only the city of Wuhan is affected by the COVID 19. The great thing behind this issue is like if there is no chance to enter into the Wuhan, without chance how will market their products in Wuhan? This is the great thing revealed by the rural people along the world.




So, the major thing is to refuse the chance to export from other countries to China. But unfortunately the corona rule the entire world. This is never ever expected even by China’s government also. COVID-19 made the world to surrender to it. Because the death rate of this leads to high.

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