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Will Anagha Bhosale Return To Acting Career?

Anagha Bhosle is a young Indian television actress who played the role of Nandini in ‘Anupama’ that airs on Star-plus. She revealed that she will be taking a break from the acting career because of the constant pressure and politics she has been going through. She decided to follow a spiritual rule and follow the teachings of Lord Krishna.

Will Anagha Bhosale Return To Acting Career?

There’s politics, unhealthy competition, the race to look good and reed-thin all the time and pressure to post on social media
constantly. If you don’t do these things, you are left behind. These things didn’t gel with my thought process.
” she said

As stated by the actress she is not completely quitting the show biz rather she just needs a break from the chaos. This is what Anagha had to say:

Producer Rajan Shahi gave me a great opportunity, so if he needs me to come back for a short while, I will return.
I also had an offer for another show, but I have let go of it for now. I have not officially announced my decision to quit showbiz,
because you should never say never. But I do feel that eventually, I would want to quit acting.

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