Will it be Guddu vs Sharad in season 3, Mirzapur streaming on Amazon prime

Our wait for the second season of Mirzapur is finally over. The show’s second season is now streaming on Amazon Prime. The first season concluded giving us a chance for a lot of predictions.

It seems that in the second season we will be witnessing quite a feud between Guddu and Sharad. As Guddu was the one who killed Sharad’s father Rati Shankar he will not let it slide. There is definitely a plot for schemes of revenge against Guddu. Let’s see how far Sharad’s thirst for vengeance leads him and will he get the throne of Mirzapur.

The character Guddu is played by Ali Fazal and ‘Sharad’ by Anjum Sharma. The show is streaming on Amazon Prime and can also be downloaded from SDMoviespoint. So let’s just not waste any time and binge-watch the whole show either from Amazon prime or SDMoviespoint.

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