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Yogi Adityanath has sparked the ignition to hollow the economic of China

It is the truth that everything has two aspects bad and good respectively, the pandemic covid -19 has also the same as in one hand, it has brought a loss of lives and hazardous of economic loss, on the other hand, it has created lots of opportunities especially for India to become one of the major hosts for the global investors.

Yogi and their troops have started their plan to invite global investors in up, especially they are planning to target those investors who are looking for better alternatives than china after the coronavirus outbreak,

Minister of investment and export promotion Siddharth Singh said their economic task troops had started to focus on the companies willing to move out from china. They are secluding their meeting through videoconference. Mr Singh added that their efforts are working invertors of Thailand are expected to visit in October, while a meeting with companies from South Korea is expected soon.

Earlier this month, more than 100 Americans companies including Microsoft, UPS Fed Ex and others had participated in a webinar which was organised with US-India strategic forum. Currently, most of the companies have their base in china and were interested to explore business opportunities in UP.

Further, Mr Singh mentioned that their troops and other collateral members have also approached the Korea chamber of commerce and industry and updated its members on recent changes in labour and industrial policies .they have shown their interest and planning a meeting soon so that they can spread their business is likely to pharmaceuticals, medical devices and technology.

At last Mr Singh added “His government moto is quite clear to bring as much as possible investors in the state and provide them the most possible facilities that will assure them to explore their business smoothly with our guidelines”

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