2 Defence employees arrested for military sensitive information to Pakistan

A major Pakistan spy network busted by Military intelligence and Rajasthan police in India, two civil defence employees nabbed in Jaipur for transferring on important information about strategic Army Installation to Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) for Rupees 75,000.

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Both espionage agents were identified as Vikas Kumar (age 29), a civil defence employee at an army ammunition department near Shri Ganganagar Rajasthan and Chiman Lal (22) a civil contractual employee of the army’s Field Mahajan Field Firing Range (MFFR), Bikaner. The duo has been arrested for passing sensitive information to Pakistan Intelligence agency called ISI.

The MI Lucknow operation called “Desert Chase” seems great importance as both Shri Ganganagar Ammunition Depot and Bikaner MFFR are strategically important military installations on the western front along the Pakistan border.

Later year in August 2019, the work on “Operation” had been started and Military Intelligence Lucknow unit learnt that spy Vikas Kumar was passing military critical information related to ORBAT (Order of battle; composition and order of military fighting information), Ammunition (Photo, State, Quantity, Type, Arrival, Departure), units coming from firing practice / Military exercise to MFFR and personality traits of senior officers to his handlers in Pakistan. It was also found that he was doing this in the lieu of money and getting payments in three of his own and his brother’s accounts.

As per interrogation done by police, Vikas Kumar confessed that he received a Facebook request by a Pakistani Intelligence Operative in the garb of “Anoshka Chopra” in the month of March/April 2019 and he had accepted the request. After that, they both became friendly, shared their whats app number with each other and started chatting with each other and making Video/Audio calls. The Pakistani agent used to use Indian WhatsApp number and claimed she is working canteen store department (CSD) headquarters at Mumbai. Vikas Kumar joined several whats group on her request and there were many serving defence and civil defence employees in them. He revealed that after gathering the information, he passed on his handlers either himself or through Chiman Lal. He also confessed received at least 75000 in exchange for passing information, out of which he paid Rs 9000 to Chiman Lal.

As per sources, the Rajasthan police will produce both of convicts before a local court soon.

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