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5G Network Will Now Be Available On Mount Everest

A 5G base station has been stuck by China’s big companies Huawei and China Mobile on Mount Everest. The base station was put 6,500 meters up. According to the press release “Huawei strongly believes that technology means to make the world better”. On Friday the state media reported that climbers to Mount Everest from the Chinese side can now enjoy high-speed 5G coverage.

The base station became operational on Thursday and is located at the advance base camp of Mount Everest. 5G offers greater network capacity and bandwidth and is the fifth generation of wireless communication technologies. 5G could pave the way for high definition connections for virtual meetings and even driverless cars.

According to reports, the 5G will be available to local residents, tourists and even climbers. China Mobile and Huawei have also announced the plans to install more 5G. China Telecom confirmed this on its Weibo page also saying “Due to the high altitude and insufficient oxygen, it is very difficult to move the equipment, since the optical cable can only be carried manually”.

Mount Everest is located at the China Nepal border and has an altitude of more than 8,840 meters with its north part located in Xigaze prefecture. The building of 5G infrastructure is in tandem with the measuring of the mountain’s peak. The General manager of Tibet branch of China mobile Zhou Min said the 5G facility will ensure good telecommunications for scientific research, high definition live streaming and mountain climbing.

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