A 40 year old male stabbed to death by 4 minors in Prem Nagar near to Patel Nagar Area, CCTV footage recorded the incident

Amid the recent relaxations in select areas, liquor shops have been allowed to open and even open delivery services. Many have enjoyed the low crime rates in their cities. However, a recent incident involving alcohol has shocked several people.

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“40-year-old male stabbed to death”

A 40-year old man was reportedly stabbed several times by youngsters between the ages of 16 to 20 years, out of which three were minors. The incident took place is in Prem Nagar near the Patel Nagar locality.

“Fight over alcohol”

The events unfolded such that the youngsters had been drinking alcohol late into the night on their roof on both Thursday and Friday. The victim had informed the owner of the house regarding the same. In a dispute that occurred between the boys and the 40-year-old, the victim was stabbed several times by the minor during their brawl on Monday. The victim eventually succumbed to the multiple stab wounds. According to police sources, The gruel attack was recorded on a CCTV camera in the area and revealed the identity of the culprits. This recording has been ceased by the police as evidence.

“Expect a spike in crime rates”

Delhi which had witnessed an immediate drop in crime rate with the lockdown is now raising questions regarding safety and the crimes in the post lockdown period as thousands shall rush to the streets and to public areas. Many experts expect to see a sharp spike in criminal activities once the lockdown is lifted.

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