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A major part of the economy now open, PM MODI says, ‘Time to be more careful’

Today the prime minister restated the whole nation that the phasing out of the lockdown cannot be seen as an end to COVID-19 as they have to followed the protocols such as social distancing and other guidelines issued by the government. Indians have to remain more attentive than ever against the threat of the prevailing pandemic infectious virus coronavirus, a day after the Union government requested all the citizens on the phased opening up of the economy termed Unlock-1 as prime minister warned the people. Also, it was been declare that the government has already announced a phased exists from over two-month lockdown from tomorrow onwards as the period of lockdown 5.0 has been turned into “Unlock 1.0”.

Prime Minister Modi addresses the whole nation via his monthly radio broadcast Mann ki Baat that as a citizen they should not be careless in fighting against corona and also no such vaccination has been developed or even pattern has been designed how to fight against this dreadful infectious virus. So, to safeguard yourself against this pandemic virus, everybody has to take precautions like wearing masks and washing the hands-on frequently basis because every life is precious. Also, PM Modi emphasises on the importance of saving water during the rainy season.

Regarding the agriculture crisis which the whole economy is facing today so in regards to this PM Modi address the whole nation through the live radio Mann ki Baat that how with the attack of locust can cause extensive damage for everybody. So, a preventive measure such as using modern techniques is being used to fight against this hazard.

As per the Modi’s opinions which he expressed through Mann ki Baat event Indian population is quite big in comparison to other countries and also told that people should realise how big is their achievement as they are able to overcome the challenges which the whole nation has faced at this existing point and also the calamity rate is also notably lower in comparison to another country. Most importantly, the worst affected are the poor and the labourers as their pain, ordeal and suffering cannot be expressed in the words. This prevailing pandemic infectious virus coronavirus most importantly impacts the respiratory system and for this, there are various techniques have been emerged out to strengthen the same such as Yoga and meditation.

Modi also expressed that nowadays people from Hollywood to Haridwar are focusing more on yoga which helps them to boost their immune system. So, he also highlighted that in this battle during the prevailing pandemic virus most of the people-driven strength and also the country’s “seva shakti” can be visible. Through Mann ki Baat session, PM Modi also said that he knows the journey on this road is quite tough and a long one as everybody is fighting against the pandemic about which a little is known by all the people. Also, he declares that the Indian railways is also been working to help the people to reach their home safely. So now onwards everybody needs to be more vigilant as the majority of the economy is active now. There should be no leniency in following the precautions such as maintaining six feet distance (Do gaj doori), wearing the masks and staying indoors.

It has been announced by Prime Minister Modi that this turf war is a people-driven fight against the prevailing pandemic virus coronavirus so, with everyone’s support, we can fight against Covid-19 strongly. PM Modi also said that the citizens have shown immense determination during the coronavirus crisis and most importantly, various people have shown that sacrifice and service are not just our beliefs but it has become a part of our lifestyle.

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