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Abhishek is very talented, he’s full of knowledge: Bob Biswas actor Bhanu

Ahead of the direct OTT release of the film ‘Bob Biswas‘, Amitabh Bachchan wrote on Twitter, “My son, being a son will not be my heir. Whoever will be my heir will be my son.” You have to watch the movie ‘Bob Biswas’ to understand the meaning of these lines as mysterious as his personality. Do you remember Bob Biswas? The character of Sujoy Ghosh’s film ‘Kahaani’, which was released nine years ago, used to stun the audience by saying ‘one minute’.Bob Biswas, who works in an insurance company and gets scolded for talking to his boss, is a hired killer. His aim is accurate. No expression of any kind on the face. Karma is his religion and he has firm faith in Krishna.

Abhishek is very talented, he's full of knowledge: Bob Biswas actor Bhanu

Bob Biswas‘ is such an experiment for Hindi cinema, based on which the seeds of many interesting stories can be planted in the coming days. Interpolated stories of characters appearing incidentally in a popular story have been in Indian folk culture since the beginning. Now Neeraj Pandey did a similar experiment with Himmat Singh, the hero of his famous web series ‘Special Ops‘. ‘Bob Biswas’ is an act of greater courage than making a series on Himmat Singh on that scale. This idea was with Sujoy Ghosh, the director of the film ‘Kahaani’ for a long time and he decided to make cinema on this character for the directorial debut of his daughter Diya, who worked as his assistant. For the film ‘Kahaani‘, Sujoy Ghosh was encouraged by producers like Jayanthi Lal Gada and for the film ‘Bob Biswas‘ he got the support of Shahrukh Khan. When the film starts, it is written on the screen, ‘We love you Shahrukh Khan’ and from there the film reaches Shahrukh Khan’s favourite city, Kolkata.

Kolkata also has a relationship of heart and blood with the Bachchan family. The elder Bachchan gets the affection of a son-in-law there. Abhishek gets affection like a grandson of the house. Kolkata is like a character in the film ‘Bob Biswas’. Even though Sujoy has shown Bob Biswas eating a lot of Hakka Noodles instead of Sandesh in the changing times, but Bob Biswas’ identity is from his city Kolkata. It is from Kali Da’s shop. It is from the vegetable shops on the ghats and is in the form of a city where the youth now want to come out of Bhadralok and dominate the world.

The song music of the movie ‘Bob Biswas‘ is average. The Bengali original lyrics of Kishore Kumar’s hit Hindi songs have been used well in the film. But, apart from this, the film is technically very strong. Garrick Sarkar’s camera is here to help the audience catch the pulse of the story shockingly. His camera is not with the characters. He is with the city. And, let’s go on looking at the story from Kolkata’s point of view. Yasha Ramchandani has done a very careful job in keeping the pace and duration of the film right.

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